American Cocker Spaniel vs English Cocker Spaniel

A spaniel is a group of hunting dog breeds bred in Spain. Spaniel means Spanish. The breed is ideal for hunting game. There is a well-known phrase about a dog, a man’s best friend. The dog is always glad to the owner, loyal, loyal, ready to protect, sometimes despite its small size. What great babysitters for young children come from many dog ​​breeds! The spaniel breed is considered a well-known and recognized breed in the world, the use of animals is wide and varied. A favorite in the family, a tireless companion in games, a cheerful and active friend of children, a wonderful gun dog.

English vs American Cocker Spaniel: What’s the Difference?

The American Cocker Spaniel is a direct descendant of the “Europeans”. If English cockers first saw the world in Great Britain, then American dog handlers should be thanked for the emergence of a new branch of spaniels.

American cocker spaniel

Only a person who does not understand breeds can confuse these dogs with each other. Everyone can say that this spaniel can since both have characteristics characteristic of the breed – long ears and silky hair. The rest of the dogs are completely different.

External Signs: American Cocker Spaniel vs English

You can distinguish between English and American Cocker dogs by the following features:

Growth. Europeans are slightly taller than Americans. The growth of the former is on average 41cm, of the latter 38cm.

Weight. Americans weigh about 10kg, while gluttonous Englishmen can get fat up to 15kg.

Body structure. The British are more massive, they have strong legs, a short back, and relatively short stature.

Coat. Americans are longer-haired than their breed cousins.

Important! The coat of representatives of both breeds needs constant care, combing, and washing.

English vs American Cocker Spaniel: Temperament

By nature, both American and English Cockers are very sympathetic, kind, and intelligent dogs. They love to be the center of attention in both humans and dogs. They perfectly converge with other animals and accept them into the ranks of family members.

In education and training, the British can show more willfulness and indifference than the Americans. Those, in turn, react emotionally to loneliness and may even get sick if they are constantly alone or do not receive proper attention from the owner.

English cocker spaniel

Important! Due to the fact that at one time the demand for the Cocker Spaniel breed greatly increased, inexperienced breeders began to breed them, which slightly “spoiled” the temperament of the dogs. In order not to face problems in raising and training a puppy in the house, you need to purchase only from trusted kennel owners, requiring you to provide all the necessary documents and medical certificates.

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