English Cocker Spaniel: Breed Information

In appearance, English cockers are small in size and very beautiful dogs. They have long and soft hair, drooping shaggy ears, and sharp muzzles, with indescribably kind and sad eyes.

English Cocker Spaniel: Breed Characteristics

Adult dogs differ in the following parameters:

Maximum Height

Females can grow up to 39cm at the withers, males up to 41cm. If the dog is above or below the declared standards, he will not be allowed to participate in exhibitions.


Cockers are big gluttons and have a sweet tooth, owners need to carefully monitor the balance of the daily diet of dogs, preventing them from overeating and gaining excess weight, which will become a provoking factor in the development of cardiovascular diseases. The allowed weight of an adult male or female is from 13 to 15 kg.

Coat Color

The most common species are spotted and black and white spaniels. In addition, the color of the dog’s coat can be two or three colors, combining red, white, and blue shades.


The coat of spaniels is very pleasant to the touch. It does not curl and does not go in waves, it fits snugly to the body. The British are not too long-haired, on the legs, belly, and in the groin area, it is slightly longer than on the rest of the body.

Ears, Tail

Ears are the main decoration and problem of cockers at the same time. Long and fluffy, they protect the ear canal from dirt and parasites, however, if not cared for or trimmed, the dog may begin to feel discomfort and scratch the area with his nails, provoking the development of inflammation and other problems.

The tail in spaniels is mobile, set below the level of the back. If the tail is lifted up this is a genetic defect, in healthy individuals it is at the level of the back.

English Cocker Spaniel Puppy: Characteristics

It is necessary to take a puppy to the house after he has already turned 1.5 months. In the first days, the baby does not need to be left alone – it will be a big and strong stress for him.

Important! Swinging and active cockers should be lifted with both hands, as they can break free and fall. It is also necessary to ensure that the young explorer does not climb onto the back of a chair or sofa and dive down from there.


The growth of a month-old baby Cocker varies from 10 to 15 cm. Sizes depend on the number of puppies in the litter and how the baby eats after birth.


In a month, the weight of a small cocker should reach 1.5 kg. At 3 months, this figure will grow to 6 kg, at 7 months to the parameters of an adult – 12-15 kg.

Color, Coat

The color of the puppies does not change as they grow up. The coat becomes a little harder and fluffier.

Ears, Tail

Ears and American cockers have their inherent shape from birth. They require careful care. Some wearers even tie their babies’ ears to prevent them from getting dirty while eating.

Puppies’ tail is docked only if they will be used for hunting purposes. Domestic dogs do not trim their tails.

The average lifespan of American cockers is 12-16 years. In order for the pet to please the owner with good health throughout all these years, you need to take care of it, feed it properly and walk a lot. Routine vaccinations in veterinary clinics and regular check-ups as the puppy grows and develops will help to avoid the occurrence of diseases inherent in all dogs.

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