English Cocker Spaniel: Grooming

The coat of the English Spaniel should be looked after not only before shows or during periods of intensive molting, the maintenance of such a dog involves more frequent combing and washing. Long-haired cockers should be accustomed to “beauty-guiding” from a young age and not run away at the sight of a comb, hair clipper, or bathing basin.

Grooming an English Cocker Spaniel

The purpose of grooming dogs such as English Cocker is primarily to maintain an attractive and healthy appearance. Trimming is mandatory before exhibitions and if tangles have formed on the coat.

Important! For adult dogs, hygienic grooming should be carried out at least once every 2-2.5 months.

Grooming – General Rules

The compulsory grooming of an English cocker includes combing and trimming the coat, trimming the nails, brushing the ears and teeth. You can do this yourself or in the salon.

During hygienic grooming of the dog:

  • trim the hair on the ears;
  • shorten the fluff between the fingertips;
  • comb out tangles;
  • equalize the length in the area of the tail.

A full haircut before the show or one that is done according to the schedule must be done in the salon. It includes:

  • combing the whole body with a soft brush and a comb with sparse teeth (the comb is passed through long hair, brushes along the back and belly);
  • using a clipper on the sides, back and rump;
  • removing excess hair between the paw pads;
  • washing and drying.

It is best to bring your pet to the salon after it has played well in the fresh air and is in a relaxed and calm state. For good behavior, your pet can be rewarded with a favorite treat.

What You Need to Do

An English cocker haircut must necessarily contain the following stages:

  • cutting smooth long hair on the face and head;
  • thinning of the beard, mustache, and bangs;
  • equalization of the length on the ears;
  • hair clipping on the chest in the direction of growth (short);
  • trimming the pile on the rump;
  • shortening the hair on the joints of the paws;
  • smoothing traces from a typewriter with scissors.

Important! Dogs of red color are trimmed from the sides with a machine, dogs with a black coat are milled with scissors.

When cutting and grooming a dog, you need to be gentle, you can distract him from unpleasant sensations. It is necessary to accustom a puppy to beauty guidance from the age of two months. The first procedure is best done in his usual home conditions, it should last no longer than 10-15 minutes.

Ear treatment and teeth brushing must be done very carefully. The auricles are wiped with special disinfectant solutions that are applied to cotton swabs. After cleaning, they are wiped dry.

Important! If your dog is anxious, shaking his head, or whining while caring for his ears, he may be experiencing unpleasant painful sensations. In this case, you need to contact your veterinarian.

What Not to Do

The first thing to remember for dog owners is that hygiene procedures should not be carried out without the consent of the pets themselves. If the dog shows anxiety, fears, or does not feel well, cutting or washing the coat is better to postpone (does not apply to washing the paws after walking). In addition, it is strictly prohibited:

  • show aggression towards the dog;
  • pulling hair, trying to comb the mats;
  • press too much on the comb (you can injure the skin);
  • shear the animal with raw tools;
  • use the same combs and tools for grooming two or more dogs;
  • use expired shampoos for hair care;
  • Leave the coat wet after bathing when it is cold in the room (the dog may catch a cold).

Constant grooming of cockers’ coats makes dogs not only beautiful but healthy as well. A tangle-free coat, trimmed nails, and clean ears are key to your pet’s good looks and well-being.

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