English Cocker Spaniel Facts

What girl did not dream in childhood that she would be given a puppy for her birthday? Of course, it had to be an English Cocker Spaniel puppy. It is difficult to find a child, and even an adult, in whom these wonderful dogs do not evoke positive emotions. Why are these dogs so attractive, and what interesting can you tell about them?

Interesting Cocker Spaniel Facts

English Cocker Spaniels need regular exercise. Without them, they, of course, will find a way to let off steam, but the owner is unlikely to like it. Therefore, if you do not want the house to turn into ruins, walk your pet as often as possible.

You won’t get bored next to this dog. These pets are ready to have fun and play all day long. Finding the best candidate for the role of a pet for a child cannot be found. An adult will also find something to do with a cocker.

They have great flair. That is why English cockers can often be found in the ranks of police dogs. The doll-like animals have a serious service – looking for drugs and explosives.

The dog needs training. Like any other pet, the cocker must be well educated and trained. We must not forget about socialization. Without this, neither the dog itself nor the people living next to it can exist normally. But you need to be very careful to bring up a cocker. If you press too much on him, the puppy will grow into an insecure and nervous creature.

It is very difficult to educate guards from these dogs. The point is that they do not experience aggression towards people. Therefore, a cocker will allow you to take out valuable things from the house. It may start barking loudly, but nothing more.

English cockers hate being alone. If the owner is not around for too long, the dog begins to naturally suffer from this. What she will inform her neighbors with loud barking.

They love to travel. There is simply no better companion for traveling around the world. Together with the owner, the cocker will go to the mountains and even to sea voyages.

With a good upbringing, the English Cocker Spaniel can become a favorite and center of attention in any family. It will delight the owners with its presence for quite a long time. Representatives of this breed live on average 12-14 years.

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