Are Tulips Safe or Bad for Cats?

Spring is here and the tulips are blooming in the garden. But are tulips actually dangerous or harmless for cats? What happens if the cat eats a tulip blossom?

Tulips are Poisonous to Cats

As beautiful as the heralds of spring are, the bulbous tulips are unfortunately poisonous for cats! All parts of the plant:

  • leaves
  • blossoms
  • onions

They contain toxic tulipanine.

Even the smallest amounts of it can be harmful. Symptoms of poisoning are:

  • larger pupils
  • vomit
  • diarrhea
  • accelerated breathing

In any case, consult a veterinarian with the affected cat if it has eaten parts of tulips. The vet will initiate a detox.

Indoor Cats and Outdoor Cats

Young cats in particular are at risk of poisoning themselves from tulips. Experienced outdoor enthusiasts are more cautious and less curious about the sprouting green. If you have a young velvet paw who is very interested in green plants, you should not place tulips in the apartment or on the balcony. If the cat is allowed into the secured garden, you can do without tulips there. But if the cat is outdoors, maybe it will indulge in a bite of tulip from the neighbors. However, there is no need to panic: in fact, only very few outdoors are interested in tulips. Watch your cat in spring to find out if they are an endangered tulip lover. Provide tasty alternatives like cat grass to minimize the risk.

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