Can Cats Have Yoghurt?

Greek yogurt is a treat for the cat. The fur nose is allowed to eat a tablespoon of the food in small quantities. However, in large quantities, dairy product leads to diarrhea. However, if you have a sick house tiger at home, you should first consult your vet before feeding yoghurt.

Can Cats Eat Yoghurt?

  • Cats are allowed to eat yogurt in moderation.
  • The dairy product is taboo for four-legged friends with kidney problems.
  • If the mewing companion consumes too much quark, yoghurt, or similar dairy products, diarrhea can occur.

Is Yoghurt Good or Bad for Cats?

Anyone wondering what foods cats are actually allowed to eat can now find out more about the preferences of carnivores. Many house cats love dairy products. However, the lactose it often contains is less digestible and can lead to diarrhea. It is therefore important to feed fur-noses only a small amount of the yogurt. Your darling shouldn’t get more than one tablespoon a day.

Tip: All owners who want to buy yogurt for cats choose this without additives. Little or no lactose should appear in the ingredients.

Can cats with kidney disease eat yogurt?

If you have a family member with kidney dysfunction, it makes sense to be careful with meals. High content of protein has a negative effect on the health of the organ. How much protein the fur nose is allowed to consume daily must be clarified with the attending veterinarian. Yoghurt should therefore be avoided in kitties with kidney disease.

There are Types of Yogurt That are Better for Cats Than Others

All cat owners who want to pamper their darling have a variety of options. It should be noted that there are types of yoghurt that are more tolerable than others:

  • Lactose-free yogurt is more digestible and therefore suitable as a snack.
  • A small amount of lactose in the dairy product is tolerated.
  • Yogurt without additives like sugar and sweeteners is a good choice.
  • Organic yoghurt is better suited for the fur nose due to the most higher-quality fatty acids.
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