BARF Diet for Dogs: Meat

Barf with cats and dogs is the trend. No wonder, because with the biologically appropriate raw feeding (= BARF) the dog owner is not groping in the dark. With this type of feed, you can see 100% of the meat in which quality, in addition to fruit and vegetables, in the bowl of your favorite. However, there is an important prerequisite for this original barf feeding, which was based on the wolves. Raw meat is the most important ingredient in barfing. It contains important nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids. Everyone should be able to precisely answer the question of which meat can be fed raw. This article shows which types of meat are allowed when barfing and which are even life-threatening for your four-legged friend.

This Meat and Bones May End Up in the Bowl

There are a large number of types of meat that dog owners can use when barfing. The following meat scores with the fact that it is inexpensive. The second positive aspect for the dog owner: The varieties are readily available at butchers, in supermarkets, frozen in pet shops, or online from barf dealers.

  • beef
  • poultry
  • lamb
  • sheep
  • rabbits
  • goat

Dogs that do not suffer from health problems can confidently stick to the common types of meat. But time and again there are four-legged friends who cannot tolerate the types of meat listed above (more on this in the last paragraph). The good news: there are alternatives for nutrition-sensitive fur noses. These are a bit more expensive and mainly available from barf dealers with a wide range. The exotic and well-tolerated types of meat include:

  • kangaroo
  • water buffalo
  • ostrich
  • horse
  • quail

Warning: Raw Meat is Harmful to Dogs

Raw pork – whether from wild boar or fattening pig – should not be served to the dog at any time. It may contain the dangerous Aujeszky virus. In this country, random checks are carried out regularly on the farms and Germany is “Aujeszky-free” as far as fattening pigs are concerned. However, when it comes to dog food, it is better to be safe than sorry. The Aujeszky virus triggers pseudo-anger in dogs. This disease is incurable and always has a fatal end for the four-legged friends. There are many meat alternatives, so taking the risk no matter how low it is unnecessary.

Barf: What About Meat Allergies in Dogs?

When it comes to the subject of “Barfen: which meat to feed the dog?”, One important aspect must not be overlooked. Not every fur nose can tolerate all types of meat. Admittedly, it sounds strange because the dog is an optional carnivore. But meat allergies are not uncommon these days. Some dogs experience allergic reactions after consuming a certain type of meat. Especially with beef, dogs are more prone to symptoms that indicate an allergy. Possible complaints are:

  • ear infections
  • reddened eyes
  • itching
  • diarrhea

If you suspect an allergy, it is essential to consult a veterinarian. This gives advice on an exclusion diet to determine which meat the four-legged friend is allergic to. There is also an option to do an allergy test. But in many cases, this is not informative enough.

Don’t worry if one or more types of meat are not suitable for their four-legged friends: Once dog owners have found out the cause of an allergic reaction, there will still be enough meat to choose from. The advantage of barfing is very clear here: dog owners can ensure that their darling does not receive meat to which they are allergic.

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