Basset Hound Health

Basset Hounds are generally healthy and hardy dogs. However, there are breed diseases that you need to be aware of.

Von Willebrandt’s disease is a hereditary disease, a bleeding disorder.

Basset hounds are prone to developing glaucoma.

Gastric volvulus can occur at any age. If this happens, seek help immediately.

Panosteitis (temporary lameness) occurs in puppies. The exact causes and treatments are not yet known. The main danger is a misdiagnosed and unnecessary surgery since many veterinarians are not aware of this ailment. As a rule, by the age of 2, the dog outgrows the disease, but there are also severe cases. The most reliable diagnosis is an X-ray.

Due to their large paws, Basset Hounds often suffer from fungal infections and interdigital cysts.

Long ears are the cause of otitis externa in Basset Hound. Prevention consists of regular cleaning of the ears.

Basset hounds are also allergic, mainly to grass.

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