Basset Hounds: Care Tips

The Basset Hound does not require complex care, but it still has its own specifics.

The short coat of a Basset Hound should be brushed daily.

These short hounds get dirty quite often, so they have to be bathed quite often – about twice a month. Then there will be no characteristic smell.

Basset hound ears should be cleaned regularly.

Monitor your pet’s diet, prevent obesity. The lamentable, sad gaze of a Basset Hound is hard to resist, but you need to gather your willpower into a fist.

Basset Hounds are dogs that salivate quite profusely. This involves grooming the face to avoid skin irritation and bad odor.

Walking is very important for a Basset. Moderately active exercise will prevent obesity, congestion in joints and bones, and give the dog a good mood.

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