Beagle Feeding Guide: How To Feed Beagle Dog Properly

When composing a beagle feeding regimen, you need to adhere to an important rule – these dogs should never be overfed, otherwise, they will become fat and clumsy. Also, you cannot indulge their requests, because Beagle is a wonderful actor and assertive beggars. In this article, you will learn how to properly feed this breed of dogs so that they do not have health problems.

Basic Rules

Food for the beagle should be regular, the daily ratio should be divided into several portions. Each serving should be the same size. Also, the animal should always have clean water with open access to it.

It is best if you eat at the same time. If, after the beagle has eaten enough food for its age, it continues to ask for supplements, you should know that this is pure begging. Accustom your pet to the regimen – fifteen to twenty minutes after the start of the meal, remove the food, before the next feeding.

Overeating will lead to bad consequences like excess weight or metabolic disorders. Remember that Fat Beagles lose many of the breed’s qualities. For example, activity and endurance.

Therefore, do not give your dog more food than it should. Also, never feed a beagle from your table. By treating him just once, you will get problems for a long time. Every time you sit down to eat, the beagle will give you shows about the hungry dog.

Do not feed the beagle with sweets: chocolate, cookies, sweets, etc. Salted, smoked, spicy, pickled – much of what you eat is not suitable for a dog. Such products can cause disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract.

The dog should have two separate bowls for food and water. It is best if they are made of stainless steel. They are durable, easy to wash, and the beagle will not be able to chew them. Plastic bowls will not last long, and nibbled pieces from such dishes can get into the dog’s stomach or get stuck in the throat.

For convenience and to prevent curvature of the spine, it is necessary to purchase a bowl holder. In this case, the bowl should be at the level of the beagle’s shoulder so that it lowers only the muzzle into it. The stand should be raised as the pet grows older.

When you start training a beagle, do it either before feeding, or feed half of the amount of food, and use the other half as a treat.

It is necessary to feed the dog after a walk, otherwise, there is a risk of gastric volvulus, which sometimes leads to death.

If the beagle has lost his appetite, be sure to show him to the veterinarian. Your pet may be sick. But the refusal to eat is not necessarily indicative of illness. Perhaps the sly guy is trying to beg you for something special.

Do not indulge the dog, let him get used to eating what they give. Continue to put food in the right place, removing it after a certain number of minutes. As a result, hunger will win and the pet will eat what you give him.

Puppy Diet

In order for the puppy to grow up healthy and vigorous, it is necessary to draw up a competent feeding diet, taking into account the characteristics of the breed and the age of the baby.

Before a puppy arrives at your home, you need to think about what you will feed him. Be sure to ask the breeder what the baby ate with him. The first time you have to feed the beagle the same. If this type of food does not suit you, transfer your pet to another gradually so that there are no disruptions in the stomach.

Beagle puppy nutrition can be divided into two types:

  • feeding with dry prepared food;
  • feeding with natural products.

Dry Food

If you have chosen this type of food, give preference to premium and super-premium food. Only in such ready-made feeds all the substances vital for the beagle are properly balanced. Do not skimp on food – this will have a very bad effect on the dog’s health.

Always read the instructions on the food box carefully. For babies, you need to buy food marked “for puppies”. If you do not follow these recommendations, your pet may not receive the necessary elements and biologically active substances.

Each dog is different. Therefore, if you notice that she began to recover, and undigested food began to come out in the form of liquid feces, then the dosage indicated on the package does not suit your puppy. In this case, you need to reduce the volume to normalize the stool and weight.

To facilitate the baby’s digestion, fill dry food with water or meat broth in advance so that it has time to swell. Dry food should sometimes be given to brush your teeth. A beagle should always have clean water; when fed with dry food, he drinks a lot.

Up to twelve months old, a beagle puppy can be given mineral bait containing calcium as prophylaxis for calcium deficiency. After all, dogs of this breed have a very large load on the musculoskeletal system and limbs. But first, check with your veterinarian if your puppy needs it and in what dosage.

Natural Food

There are several nuances to consider when feeding with natural products.

The meat should be lean. Coarse fibers are not a problem. Give preference to beef or veal. But it is better to refuse pork – it is very fatty. For up to three months, the meat is best cooked and cut into small pieces.

When the beagle puppy is three months old, you can start feeding it raw meat, but not in the form of minced meat, and also cutting it into small pieces. For convenience, the meat can be pre-frozen.

Boiled offal and bones, except for tubular ones, begin to give a puppy from four months, but as rarely as possible. Once a week is enough. The brain bones are given to the pet only for cleaning the teeth or during their change, to facilitate the process.

From fermented milk products, give preference to cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir. Milk is given to the puppy to try after three months. If there are no problems with stool, you can give milk once a week or cook porridge on it.

If the beagle still has problems with milk, then cook porridge in meat broth. For cereals, oatmeal, semolina, buckwheat are suitable. You can add a little butter or sunflower oil to cereals. But no salt or sugar!

Eggs can be given from two months and only boiled, no more than two pieces per week.

Fish begin to be introduced into the diet of a beagle puppy when he is three months old. You can only give boiled sea fish without bones, replacing meat with it twice a week. River fish is not allowed for him.

Vegetables for up to three months must be boiled and added to cereals. After three months, you can give raw grated vegetables. If you add greens and sunflower oil to them, you get a wonderful vitamin salad.

As a treat during training, you can give the beagle puppy carrots, low-fat cheese, fruits, crackers. Carrots and rusks also play the role of baby’s tooth cleaners.

When feeding with natural products, it is necessary to add to the food of the beagle puppy the mineral and vitamin supplement prescribed for its age. It can be purchased at a specialized store, after consulting with your local veterinarian.

Mixing ready-made food with natural products is undesirable – this can lead to an upset dog’s stomach.

Meal Mode

The beagle puppy must be fed as follows, evenly distributing the daily food intake for a certain number of times:

  • two months – six times a day.
  • from two to three months – five times a day.
  • from four to six months – four times a day.
  • from six to twelve months – three times a day.
  • after twelve months – twice a day.

To determine the daily amount of food, which will need to be divided by the number of servings per day, according to the meal regimen described above, we suggest using this table:

Age                    2 months          4 months          6 months          12 months

Food (gram)

Meat                    60                    120                   180                   360

Groats                 30                     60                     90                    180 

Vegetables          30                     60                     90                    180

Fruit                    30                     60                     90                     180

Dairy products    30                     60                     90                     180 

Total per day      180                  360                    540                   1080

Adult Dog Diet

The diet of an adult beagle is practically no different from what he ate as a puppy. If you fed the hound with ready-made food, now you need to buy premium and super-premium food with the mark “for an adult dog”. Continue to monitor your beagle stool to reduce serving size if necessary.

Watch your pet’s weight carefully – with age, the risk of obesity increases, and the body’s coping with possible problems is getting worse. For example, with a malfunction of the stomach.

If you fed your beagle puppy with natural products, continue to feed them, but the serving size should be slightly smaller. The total amount of food per day is calculated at the rate of five percent of the total weight of the dog. For example, if your beagle weighs ten kilograms, then five hundred grams of food should be allowed per day. It must be divided into two steps.

Buy special bones to clean your teeth, and also give your pet calf tails and massive joints. If you have a pregnant or lactating female she should be fed three times a day and given fermented milk products every day until lactation stops.

The transition to dry food for an adult dog is undesirable, its body may not cope. It is also impossible to mix feed and natural products. Special vitamin and mineral supplements for adult dogs must be added to the usual diet. Doses should be consulted with a veterinarian.

What does your dog like to eat? Let us know in the comments.

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