Breed Review: Alaskan Malamute (18 Pics)

#7 Some owners cite malamutes as a great way to lose weight without dieting.

As a joke, of course. But there is some truth in this statement. From an early age to three years old, these natives of Alaska show particularly remarkable energy. And in order to somehow curb it, direct it into a controlled channel, the owner is forced, whether he wants it or not, to constantly play with his pet, engage with him intensively and be ready for long runs. The dog will settle down and become calmer only after 3 years.

#8 The Alaskan Malamute looks like a wolf, which prompted many to raise a hunter or guard dog in it.

Almost nothing came of this venture, the features of a defender in his character are poorly developed. Besides, malamutes do not know how to bark, but they sing well. But here's the bad luck: if a thief entered the apartment, you can't tell by the dog's singing. It would be a barking - another matter.

#9 Inborn good nature and sociability with improper upbringing and lack of training in the character of the dog will not prevail.

In this situation, she becomes dangerous and uncontrollable, seeks to dominate the household, so you should not neglect the correct upbringing of a native of Alaska. He needs to constantly prove that he is not the boss in the house, but you! Otherwise, you will not end up in problems.

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