Breed Review: Australian Shepherd (18 Pics)

In the past, the Australian Shepherd breed helped its owners manage cattle on farms in America, but now it is acquired around the world as a faithful four-legged friend.

#1 Among the features, they highlight the fact that such pets need long walks, outdoor games and the presence of responsibilities.

Full name of the breed: Australian Shepherd (Aussie, less often Ossie);

Country of origin: United States;

Maintenance in the apartment: not recommended;

Standard weight information: Adults - approximately 28-35 kg;

Dog height: optimal height for males 51-57 cm, for bitches 47-53 cm;

Life Expectancy: Dogs live a fairly decent period (10-13 years).

#2 Outwardly, females are more graceful and graceful, in contrast to males.

#3 The standard coat color assumes the following options:

the black;

blue and red marble shades;


Any of the listed options can be presented, both in pure form, and mixed. For example, the blotched marble type becomes tricolor.

The habitual colors of the Australian Shepherd do not allow for a white tint on the head, neck, chest, and legs.

Marble-red rock in old age can darken. The fiery red, gray, light red color is a deviation from the color norm.

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Written by Alice White

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