Breed Review: Boxer (15 Pics)

German boxers are used as bodyguard dogs, as watchdogs, and in law enforcement. Representatives of this breed are smart and balanced, which allows them to be used as guides for the blind. A boxer dog by its nature is very mobile, loves to be in the fresh air, to walk for a long time, to frolic in the open air. Despite her sociability and friendliness in relation to the owner and family members, her attitude towards strangers is cautious, and she is wary of them.

#1 The ancestors of the German boxer are Bulldogs, Mastiffs and Bullenbeisers.

It was as a result of the mixing of their blood that this breed was born, which began to conquer the world in 1896.

#2 Boxers from the late 19th century and modern boxers are not exactly the same thing.

In those early years, they were used as shepherds, for transporting goods and hunting wild boars and bison. Often, early representatives of the breed became participants in dog fights and even bullfights. During the First World War, the German army successfully used them as postmen and scouts. At the same time, German boxers showed themselves as guide dogs. Later dogs of this breed also revealed their "creative" talents, successfully performing in the circus and theatrical performances.

#3 An interesting version of the earlier origin of boxers.

Some researchers claim that their direct ancestors are the Tibetan Great Danes, which appeared in Rome and Greece in ancient times. It is believed that the ancient boxers were larger and more aggressive. Their inherent bloodlust helped them to cope with military tasks perfectly. They were used for protection and as a pickling dog during the hunt for large forest game, as well as in the popular entertainment of those times - dog fights, which, in terms of the intensity of passions, were practically not inferior to gladiatorial ones.

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