Breed Review: Boxer (15 Pics)

#4 Since the end of the century before last, the German boxer began to conquer the world, he had many fans in different parts of the world, even opening clubs dedicated to this incredibly stately, dignified and beautiful dog.

Her appearance seems aggressive (sometimes it may seem that she is ready to rush at a stranger and tear him apart), but behind her hides good nature and docile nature. This is the great merit of the breeders who did everything possible to add such traits as kindness and poise to agility, endurance, and quick reaction.

#5 When the dog wants to play, he begins to touch his paws in the air, as if boxing.

Such a special manner, which makes her, unlike other dogs, predetermined the name of the breed. According to the owners, boxers have all the necessary qualities for living in a family, so they are the best!

#6 The German Boxer at the age of 18 months is already an adult dog, fully formed physically.

However, the inner world by the age of one and a half still remains "childish". For this reason, attempts to train a dog during the period of his emotional immaturity are practically unpromising, that is, he does not respond to commands, the owner even begins to think that he is communicating with a deaf person. But at one fine moment in training, a breakthrough comes, and your pet suddenly begins to understand everything that they tried to teach him before, but in vain.

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