Breed Review: Devon Rex (18 Pics)

Devon Rex – eared “Englishman” with soft, wavy hair and huge eyes. Differs in curious, conflict-free character and almost dog-like loyalty to the owner.

#1 Devon Rex are the most common mutants, owing their textured appearance to a bizarre play of genes.

The first, resembling an alien, Kotofey was captured in abandoned mines in the vicinity of Devon (England) back in the 60s of the last century. The eared homeless child who fell into the hands of the British woman Beryl Cox turned out to be a girl who, after a while, brought quite a healthy offspring.

#2 As for the real fame, then, of course, she did not shine with the mustachioed ward of Mrs. Cox.

But one of the babies born by a cat managed to write his name in the history of world felinology. A kitten named Kirley was born slightly curly, which puzzled his own mistress. By that time, the Cornish Rex breed was just beginning to come into fashion, whose representatives had wavy "fur coats", so the woman came to the conclusion that her pet belongs to this particular cat family. To confirm her own guesses, Mrs. Cox showed Kirley to the then famous breeder - Sterling Webb.

#3 The breeder also did not consider the representative of the new cat clan in the Devonian eared, so she tied him with her own Cornish Rex in the hope that they would give her several high-bred kittens in curls.

However, the offspring born as a result did not inherit the wavy "fur coats" of their parents. Moreover, after several unsuccessful mating, it became clear that Kirley is the carrier of a completely unique gene responsible for curly hair, and he is not a relative of the Cornish Rex. It was this discovery that served as a prerequisite for further breeding experiments. Kirby, who had matured pretty much by that time, was first crossed with his half-wild mother, and later with his sisters, in order to consolidate the mutation responsible for the structure of the coat. So, figuratively speaking, all modern Devon Rexes have a common great-grandfather.

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