Breed Review: Devon Rex (18 Pics)

#4 Not the last role in the popularization of the breed was played by the reputation of the county itself, in which curly-haired murmurs were found

Shrouded in a ghostly fog of folk legends and tales, Devon provided his mustachioed natives with a semi-mystical biography. As a result, the nickname "elves" stuck to them, which the animals received because of their extraordinary appearance. At the same time, until the end of the 70s, both the Devonian and Cornish Rex were classified as two branches of the same breed and had a common standard of appearance. Only in 1979, under pressure from breeders, PCA gave elf-like cats the long-awaited "independence" and the right to their own history.

#5 To date, the Devon Rex breed has a very limited gene pool, therefore, in order to “pump” it, the felinological associations approve of the crossing of curly eared ears with representatives of other feline dynasties.

In particular, the CFA considers the relationship between Devon Rex and British or American shorthaired to be permissible. TICA adds the European Shorthair, Siamese, and Bombay Murk cats to this list.

#6 Devon Rexes, although they portray arrogant majors during photo shoots, remain docile and sociable cats in their hearts.

In their fantastic attachment to humans, they resemble dogs. To follow the owner's tail, to control his every step, reminding him of his own presence with a persistent purr - all these are typical devon's habits. Among other things, the eared "aliens" are very curious and will gladly try to stick their noses where they can and where they cannot. Their anatomical "gadgets" help cats in this matter quite well. The fingers of the Devon Rex have amazing flexibility, comparable to the dexterity of human hands, so opening a kitchen cabinet door or throwing off the lid of a box for an eared tracker is a matter of a few seconds.

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