Breed Review: Devon Rex (18 Pics)

#16 Once a month, curly murkas are given a “pedicure” session: the claw is shortened with a claw cutter, trying not to touch the area with a blood vessel.

In addition, Devon's claws are also supposed to be cleaned of fat deposits. To do this, it is enough to collect soapy water in a basin and prepare a brush from natural bristles. Next, gently press on the cat's fingers so that it releases the claw outward, and process the base of the plate with a soapy brush. After all the claws are cleaned, wash the cat's paw in warm water and wipe it dry. The procedure is carried out every 7-10 days, so if at first, the Devon Rex try to rebel, then after a couple of months of regular cleansing they completely calm down and behave decently.

#17 To remove plaque, you can use a bandage wrapped around your finger soaked in veterinary paste.

If you don't want to trust the cat's jaws with your own fingers, you can try dry food, whose hard croquettes also cope well with the problem of plaque.

#18 Devon Rexes are exclusively pets, so they are either not taken outside at all, or from time to time they are walked on a harness.

It is very risky to let the cat go into "free-swimming", as they do not always return from it. Teach your baby to the harness in advance, not forgetting about the mandatory vaccination, which will help the pet to resist infections. It is better to start walking at an early age. So it will be easier for the animal to get used to the new reality surrounding it.

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