Breed Review: Irish Terrier (15 Pics)

#13 You should be extremely careful about pet punishments.

Of course, in the upbringing of any animal, one gingerbread method is indispensable, but in the case of Irish Terriers, sometimes it is better to turn a blind eye to a harmful trick than to cause negative emotions in the dog. Moreover, the breed has an excellent memory, and the "Irishman" fixes all the injustices in the mind for a long time. Accordingly, no matter how carefully and efficiently you work with a dog, it will not work to train an exemplary campaigner out of it, automatically executing any command. After all, Irish Terriers weren't bred for that. It is better to give the ward more freedom, and he will definitely answer you with respect and diligence.

#14 Irish Terriers are not bought to be chained and housed in a booth.

Of course, the breed did not become completely decorative, but its working status has long been transformed into a sports-companion one. If we are talking about the ideal housing for dogs, then for the "Irish" - these are country cottages with a spacious fenced area. Moreover, it is better to set the fence higher - in a jump, terriers can overcome the bar of 1.5 meters. The dog gets used to a typical apartment if the owner does not restrict the pet from walking and is not lazy to fully train with him in the park.

#15 So that the Irish Terrier does not look neglected and disheveled and does not lose breed features, it is supposed to be trimmed.

Aerobatics is definitely a hand pinch. However, for beginners, such a technique is beyond reality, since even an experienced "pincher" can take 5 or more hours to process one dog. Therefore, if you have already decided to save on professional grooming, then at least stock up on a set of trimming knives, with which the procedure will be faster and easier. It is clear that in the absence of practice, the result of the first trimming is unlikely to be impressive, but the breed in the Irish Terrier should be guessed. In particular, trimming schemes that clearly demonstrate options for pinching on specific parts of the body will be a good help to a self-taught groomer.

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