Breed Review: Japanese Spitz (18 Pics)

#16 Before washing, the Japanese Spitz is combed: this way the wool gets less tangled during bathing.

If the glamorous galena manages to get thoroughly dirty, immediately carrying him into the bath is an unforgivable mistake. Allow the prankster to dry first, and then comb out the debris and clumped dirt with a long-toothed comb. When choosing caring cosmetics for a Japanese Spitz, give preference to professional products from a groomer salon. By the way, the abuse of balms and conditioners to facilitate combing does not affect the structure of the coat in the best way, so if you have an ordinary household shaggy person, it is wiser to refuse such products.

#17 It will take longer to tinker with the fur of the show animals.

For example, you can dry the hair of show-class Japanese Spitz only with a compressor and in no case with an ordinary hair dryer. The option to simply dab the animal with a towel, letting "Mr. Nihon Supitsu" dry naturally, will not work either. Wet wool is an extremely attractive target for fungi and parasites. So while the dog dries, he runs the risk of acquiring invisible tenants, which will then take a long time to get rid of. A few words about the show's hairstyle: while drying the hair, the "Japanese" should be lifted with a comb to create the airiest, dandelion look (styling sprays to help).

#18 The “Japanese” are not supposed to have a haircut, but sometimes circumstances force them.

For example, it is helpful to shorten the hair in the anus for neatness. It is also better to cut the hairs on the paws and between the toes so that they do not interfere with walking. By the way, about the paws. They are sensitive in representatives of this family and in winter they suffer from the action of reagents. So before walking, it is recommended to lubricate the skin of the pads with a protective cream (sold in pet stores), and when you return home, rinse your paws thoroughly with warm water. Some owners prefer not to bother with protective cosmetics, packing the legs of the shaggy pupil in oilcloth shoes. This is extreme, since a shod dog immediately becomes clumsy, slips easily in the snow, and, accordingly, gets injured.

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