Breed Review: Kerry Blue Terrier (17 Pics)

#10 The Kerry Blue Terrier is incredibly jumpy and painfully curious, so there are no forbidden places for him in the apartment, there are simply underexploredThe Kerry Blue Terrier is incredibly jumpy and painfully curious, so there are no forbidden places for ones.

At the same time, he is neat in everyday life, and even despite the habit of gnawing something solid at his leisure, he does not suffer from destructive behavior and does not have fun with howling. In the absence of the owner, the pet is able to find a peaceful occupation or take a sweet nap on the carpet until one of the family members appears in the house. And the Kerry Blue Terrier is a born humorist, easily transforming into a clown with a wild imagination and an inexhaustible supply of practical jokes. Be mentally prepared for funny tricks, weird tricks with surrounding objects, and a funny pantomime with a four-legged darling.

#11 Each Kerry Blue Terrier is a bright personality, so even an experienced dog handler will not be able to predict how easy it will be to train a particular puppy.

However, almost all trainers note the breed's innate obstinacy when it comes to coercion into classes. The reason for stubbornness lies in the fact that it is difficult for a carry to concentrate on things that seem boring to him. In addition, this comrade constantly switches to external stimuli, such as a slipping mouse or a fellow tribesman looming on the horizon. So you need to work out teams and sports skills with the breed quickly (10-minute exercise is the limit), persistently, but without unnecessary authoritarianism.

#12 The boundaries of socialization and acquaintance of the pet with the surrounding reality on a walk should be adjusted by a leash (not a harness).

Do not forget, "Irish" love to provoke conflicts with other dogs. They bring up Kerry Blue Terriers, relying on standard methods. First, the puppy is taught to have a single daily routine, the ability to respond to his own nickname, and the elements of etiquette. Attempts to swoop down on a person, bite, growl, and, in general, any demonstration of superiority must be suppressed. Kerry is typically dominant, who only needs to give in once so that they have time to sit on the owner's head.

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