Breed Review: Miniature Dachshund (17 Pics)

#10 In games, little dachshunds give free rein to instincts and bite, so be alert and systematically eradicate this bad manner.

As an example: in response to a bite, scream loudly or lightly pinch the baby's nose with your fingers. Try not to succumb to the first reaction to the pain impulse and do not throw the dachshund aside. This is, firstly, traumatic, and secondly, it embitters the pet.

#11 Dwarf dachshunds quickly get used to using the home toilet correctly.

It is enough to put the baby on the tray several times after sleep so that he understands what is expected of him. The habit of asking to go outside to relieve themselves is slower to form, so it makes no sense to punish a ward who has left a puddle on the floor for up to 4 months. Keep in mind that growing dachshunds do not yet have the ability to contain the urge to urinate.

#12 Initial dog training can begin at 3 months of age and is best outside the home.

Of course, the puppy must first be introduced to the street, its smells, and sounds. If you notice that outside the home walls, the ward is afraid of sharp pops and pops, practice his courage. For example, pop balloons in front of your dog. Over time, the dachshund will stop responding to unpleasant sounds and will calmly perceive them.

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