Breed Review: Pixie-Bob (18 Pics)

#7 Pixie-bobs are attached to family, but not inclined to choose pets.

These cats are equally affectionate towards adults and children, showing rare friendliness even towards strangers. However, some animals prefer to shelter under the sofa, rather than the company of strangers. Take a close look at the pet's behavior and do not try to restrain him if the chubby muzzle expresses a desire to hide in a secluded corner. Study the habits of your pet thoroughly, and there will be no problems with it.

#8 Representatives of the breed are friendly to children, especially to the smallest, but they will not tolerate disrespectful treatment of themselves.

If the child shows excessive interest in the animal, gets to know him through a suffocating hug and tugging at the tail, keep communication to a minimum. Pixie-bobs rarely show aggression, but they are able to fend for themselves. Otherwise, they are playful and moderately mobile animals. They often amuse others with their antics and will not give up the fun game of catch-up.

#9 Although cats are quite calm and friendly, they will show other pets who is the boss.

Pixie-bobs don't start a conflict first, but a familiar attitude is still not for them. This breed gets along well both with its relatives and with dogs. But decorative birds and rodents are not the best company. Do not forget about hunting instincts, which can result in the loss of a furry or feathered friend.

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