Breed Review: Pixie-Bob (18 Pics)

The Pixie-bob is an American breed with a controversial history. Her main virtues are a meek disposition, devotion, and a developed intellect. Cats will not accept the role of decorative objects: they like active games, walks, and maximum participation in the life of the owner. At the same time, pixie-bobs are very tactful and do not bother until they are called by name. And now: the animal is right there, ready to delight you with purring and funny antics!

#1 The origin of short-tailed cats has created more than one intriguing theory.

The most popular one attributed Pixie-bobs to wild bobs. In fact, the breed appeared quite a by accident, but not without the intervention of the breeder Carol Ann Brewer.

#2 In the 20th century, breeders wanted to breed cats that would become smaller copies of the red lynx – the indigenous inhabitants of North America.

Genotypes of outbred domestic cats and short-tailed forest cats were used as material. The development of such a breed in natural conditions was impossible: males in the first and second generations were most often born sterile. Nevertheless, the territory of the United States and Canada was inhabited by hundreds of such hybrids, among which there were also curious specimens.

#3 Miss Brewer became the owner of one of them.

In 1985, a woman was vacationing in the west of the continent, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. As a souvenir, she brought a kitten bought from a married couple. They argued that the fluffy baby appeared as a result of the union of an ordinary cat and a wild short-tailed cat. A year later, in January, the breeder adopted another pet. It turned out to be a large cat with a short but large tail. The weight of the animal reached 8 kg, despite its emaciation, and the crown was at knee level. The woman gave him the nickname Keba.

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