Breed Review: Ragdoll (17 Pics)

The Ragdoll is an exceptional breed of cats that combines the noble appearance of an animal and the outstanding traits of its character. You will not find such kind, intelligent, meek, and sociable cats among other breeds. This touching creature with piercing blue angelic eyes, despite its aristocratic appearance, is absolutely unpretentious to the conditions of life. For ragdolls, the most important thing is that the beloved owner is there, everything else is nothing to them. The beauty and dedication of these cats did not go unnoticed by people, and today, according to the CFA, ragdolls are among the five most popular breeds in the world.

#1 The history of ragdoll began in the 60s of the last century

It is full of hoaxes and is associated with high-profile lawsuits. Ragdolls owe their appearance to an enterprising lady from California, Anne Baker, who bred Persian cats, and the cat Josephine, a long-haired beauty of a mixed breed (presumably Persian and Angora), who lived with a neighbor of the breeder. Baker bought Josephine's kittens, many of whom were unusually calm. She used them in the future to breed a new breed.

#2 Having become famous, in her interviews, the breeder claimed that Josephine once got hit by a car and ended up in a clinic, where she was subjected to secret genetic experiments conducted by the CIA.

Allegedly, as a result of this, the kittens that she gave birth to after the accident had special qualities: decreased muscle tone, increased pain barrier, amazing calmness. There were also incredible rumors that ragdolls were of alien origin. What was at the heart of these stories - the eccentricity of Ann Baker or the publicity stunt of the specialists in the promotion of the breed - is not exactly known, however, ragdolls, in their physiology and character, really differ from all other cats. According to experts who think rationally, most likely, Josephine simply possessed a special combination of recessive genetic traits. In the future, Ann Baker purposefully selected the calmest and balanced animals for mating.

#3 The creation of a new breed began with the offspring of Josephine, who appeared after crossing her with a Burmese cat, in whose color there were coal-gray colors.

Continuing breeding work and wanting to "decorate" her pets in two other primary colors - white and brown - Ann Baker introduced the Burmese with dark brown markings to mating. Whether they were purebred is unknown, since the breeder did not document the first matings, and she loved to experiment.

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