Breed Review: Shetland Sheepdog or Sheltie (17 Pics)

Sheltie is an adorable dog. It is often called a mini collie because the breeds are very similar to each other.

The progenitors of the Scottish (Shetland) Sheepdog have appeared quite a long time ago. Small dogs were used as shepherds, and for small herds, she coped well with her duties.

As the number of livestock increased, the Scots were replaced by larger dogs.

The Sheltie was saved from complete disappearance by lovers of an adorable dog, whose selection work pleases all connoisseurs of this breed today.

#1 Scandinavian dogs are considered the ancestors of the Sheltie.

Initially, working qualities (obedience, speed, physical activity) were valued in the breed. By the way, Scottish Shepherds are the smallest shepherd breed.

Some experts are sure that the breed is native to the Shetland Islands, located in Scotland. There is no exact information about the origin of the cute dog.

#2 It is only known that at the beginning of the 20th century, the Sheltie acquired its charmingly cunning appearance.

#3 Photos of Sheltie dogs always attract the attention of not only breeders, but also all animal lovers.

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