Breed Review: Sphynx Cat (19 Pics)

#4 Around the same time, a new stage in the history of the breed began.

In one of the catteries in Baden, Minnesota, there were two cats devoid of fur at once. All modern elite lines are descended from them, although in the process of selection, of course, it was not without cats of different breeds. The best results were obtained by working with Devon Rex, who actively participated in the creation of the breeding and newly discovered "naked" kittens in the northern neighbors. They were originally called "Canadian hairless cats", but enthusiasts wanted something more sonorous and drew parallels with the oldest surviving monumental sculpture - the Egyptian Great Sphynx, which guards the rest of the ancient rulers in Giza.

#5 The recognition of international felinological organizations did not come immediately.

There were concerns that the mutation was causing serious health problems. When time showed the inconsistency of these theories, The International Cat Organization (TICA) was the first to participate in its exhibitions of Sphynxes in 1986. After 6 years, the champion status was received from the Canadian Cat Association (CCA), but the breed standard according to the authoritative The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) was approved relatively recently, in 2002.

#6 The ancient sculpture of a lion with a human head, lost in the African sands, was once called by the speakers of the Arabic language differently – Abu al-Haul, that is, the Father of Horror.

But her little namesakes do not seem intimidating to their owners. These are real "ponytails" that will follow the person everywhere and will not miss the opportunity to settle in his lap.

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