Breed Review: Sphynx Cat (19 Pics)

#7 However, such attachment is not at all an indicator of laziness.

Sphynx is very mischievous and playful creatures, they are very enthusiastically involved in active fun or independently invent entertainment for themselves, such as "hunting" for a beetle that accidentally found itself in the apartment. Games should be versatile and challenge not only agility and muscle strength but intelligence as well.

#8 Sphynxes do not tolerate loneliness well, which should be taken into account by potential owners, whose work is associated with frequent and long business trips.

Canadians are not attached to a place, but to "their" people, so separation is a difficult test for them, even if, in your absence, looking after your pet is entrusted to reliable and good hands.

#9 Sphynxes are absolutely not aggressive, so they get along with children of different ages without any problems and calmly share their home with other pets.

Moreover, they know how to be friends with both cats and dogs, which helps to brighten up the long hours of waiting for a meeting with a person.

Representatives of this breed quite easily get used to being in a large crowd of people. Thanks to this, the Sphynx feel good at exhibitions, and some bring the skill of equanimity to such a level that they become real movie stars. The most striking example of this is Ted Nugent, who plays Mr. Bigglesworth, Doctor Evil's cat from the famous Austin Powers film series.

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