Burmilla: All About the Cat, Breed Description, Character

Quite a calm cat, affectionate and cute Burmilla gets along easily and minimal care is enough for her. A real English aristocrat with impeccable manners and a natural sense of tact. This cat will never impose on the owner and at the same time will always appreciate the attention and support of the game. Ideal pets, a calm temperament combined with community and playfulness.


Burmilla (another name for the breed: Burmese silver) is a medium-sized cat, weighing an average of 4 to 7 kg. Cats and cats weigh almost the same. Burmilla belongs to the weighted oriental type. She has strong bone and well-developed muscles.

Description of the breed.

The Burmilla’s body is rather compact, located just above the shoulder line. The limbs are strong, strong; the hind legs are slightly longer than the front ones, the legs are round or oval. The neck is short and strong. The head is medium in size, rounded, the muzzle is wide, the shape of a small triangle, the cheeks are full, round, in the males – drooping. The eyes are large, set wide apart, crescent-shaped with dark rims. Eye color is different: it can be of all shades of green or amber (for cream, red, or tortoiseshell). The ears are medium in size, set wide apart, rounded at the tips. The tail is of medium thickness, tapering to a rounded tip, long or semi-long.

The coat is short, silky, with a light undercoat, due to which it looks slightly raised. The color of the undercoat is golden or silver, the tips of the hair are colored in blue, purple, cream, red, brown, and chocolate shades. The standard prescribes color typing. The muzzle, back, and tail are darker.

Stately, noble and expressive, Burmilla cats attract everyone’s attention. These cats have an unusual face: one gets the impression that an expression of a slight smile is frozen on it. These aristocratic pets are the real pride of their owners.


Burmilla combines the best qualities of Persian and Burmese breeds. On the one hand, she is very calm, wise, and harmonious, and on the other – energetic, inquisitive, and playful.

If you dreamed of having a pet that will amaze the child’s spontaneity and at the same time will always comfort you in difficult times, the Burmilla cat is your best choice. And this beautiful Englishwoman is a real decoration of the house and the very embodiment of comfort. Your guests will love it!

It seems that good manners are put into these pets from birth. Tactful by nature, Burmillas will never impose on the owner, but they will always appreciate attention and care and will gladly support exciting games.

Thanks to her good-natured temperament, Burmilla easily makes friends with other pets and gets along well with children. Soulful, empathetic pets are perfect for a large family and never tire of surprising with their sincerity and openness.

When choosing the Burmilla cat breed, soberly assess your strength. How much time can you spend with your pet? This is a very sociable and quick-witted cat that needs constant attention from the owner, games, and affection. She cannot be left alone for long.


The Burmilla breed has a hereditary tendency to renal failure. Frequent appetite for worsening and general weakness are symptoms that should immediately attract the attention of the owner.

Proper care, which includes a balanced diet, active play, and preventive check-ups with a veterinarian, minimizes the risk of illness.

With proper care, Burmillas rarely get sick and are considered centenarians.

Life span

The life expectancy of Burmillas is on average 15 years or more.

Maintenance and care

Burmillas are unpretentious and very neat by nature. Short hair is easy to groom. It is enough to comb it out only once a week to remove dead hairs.

It is recommended to bathe the cat as needed and at least once every six months. Even if the pet is very clean and does not leave the apartment, house dust and other dirt accumulate on its fur. When a pet is washed, they enter its digestive tract. Periodic bathing will remove harmful microorganisms from the cat’s coat and renew its appearance. It is very important to use a shampoo and conditioner for your cat that is appropriate for your skin type and a special coat for washing your dishes. Unsuitable products provoke dermatological problems, worsen the condition of the coat, and make the color dull.

Trim the pads as needed and clean the ears (with ear lotion). It is recommended to shorten the claws about once a month and to clean the ears as they become dirty, no more than 1 time a week.

Nutrition quality is critical to keeping your cat healthy and well-groomed. The food must be balanced and suitable for the physiological and individual characteristics of a particular pet. It is recommended to combine dry and wet food from the same brand and not change the diet unnecessarily. Feeding a cat with ready-to-eat foods and natural products is dangerous for her health. Such nutrition leads to digestive disorders and an imbalance of problems in the body and can cause serious health problems. So, unbalanced nutrition and lack of fluid are one of the reasons for the development of urolithiasis (urolithiasis).

It is important not to overfeed your pet and involve it in active games as often as possible. This is the best prevention of excess weight.

Do not forget about routine vaccinations, receptions from parasites, and preventive examinations by a veterinarian.

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