Can Cats Have Cucumbers?

It is not uncommon for a mistress to think that healthy food in the refrigerator is also good for the house cat. This is not always the case, which is why the question: “What can cats eat?” Often arises automatically. In the case of vegetables, herbs, and fruit, in particular, it is often not entirely clear what is good and what is unsuitable. So can cats tolerate cucumbers? Pettime has the answer!

Can Cats Eat Cucumbers?

  • Cucumbers belong to the cucurbit family and contain bitter substances.
  • One of these bitter substances is called cucurbitacin, which can already be recognized by the bitter taste of the cucumber.
  • If you breed yourself, you should pay attention to single-variety seeds from the manufacturer in order to breed plants with fewer bitter substances.
  • The stem base is always full of bitter substances and should not be consumed.

Are Cucumbers Good for Cats?

While some cat owners swear by the cucumber as a snack for house tigers, others believe the crop is unsuitable. First of all, it should be emphasized that velvet paws are often real meat fans.

After all, the animals are originally pure carnivores. In general, they think less of fruits or vegetables.

Often the smell alone ensures that the pets distance themselves. However, there are also kitties who turn out to be real health freaks and they also eat cucumber. In small quantities, it is okay to give your own house tiger the green pumpkin plant. It is important to ensure that it does not taste bitter. Then there is too much cucurbitacin, which can be harmful. Therefore, masters and mistresses always try the taster when it is actually supposed to be a cucumber. If it is too bitter, the cat will not get any of it. If it tastes mild and delicious, it is also suitable for the kitty.

Is the cucumber generally tolerable for the moaning fur nose?

Anyone wondering whether cats generally tolerate cucumbers should be told that this does not apply to all varieties. For example, cucumber should be avoided. The reason for this is that the velvet paw could get gas, cramps, or diarrhea as a result. It is unclear whether cats are allowed to eat pickles. This is due to the brine in which they are placed. It contains a lot of salt, which is generally not so good for the animal’s stomach.

If you want to know whether cats are allowed to eat pickled cucumbers, we have to say no to be sure. Pickled cucumbers are in a seasoning mix that may not be so good for a cat’s stomach. Peppercorns, onions, and garlic as well as other spices in the mix are not uncommon with pickled cucumbers and in this combination certainly not ideal for the cat to consume. It is therefore advisable not to offer cats this type of cucumber either.

Much more important in this context is the question of whether cats want to eat cucumbers at all.

The question is due to a very special phenomenon because the velvet paws are apparently afraid of the green plants! This is probably due to its appearance: the common cucumber resembles a snake, which is why it appeals to the animal’s urinary instincts. No wonder that most house tigers run away when such a monster crosses their path. Interested parties can find out more about this in our guide, where we explain why cats are actually afraid of cucumbers.

Classic Cat Food

Before the food is put into the bowl, it makes sense to carefully study the list “What can cats eat” again. In this way, unwanted accidents can be avoided in the long term and the velvet paws enjoy the best of health. In case of doubt, the vet is always the last resort. He gives precise advice on a species-appropriate nutritional concept. However, it is advisable to stick to classic and suitable cat food instead of experimenting with various foods.

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