Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Dog owners keep asking themselves which fruits and vegetables their dog can safely eat. In the case of apples, the question is answered quickly, but with or without the peel, and what about the apple cores? We will tell you whether apples are well tolerated by dogs and which nutrients are contained in the fruit.

Apple for Dogs in Brief

The good news first: Yes, dogs are allowed to eat apples. They are particularly rich in nutrients and health benefits.

Grated Apple for Diarrhea and Constipation

Apples are actually very healthy for dogs because the pectin they contain has a digestive effect and cleanses the intestines. Therefore, a grated apple is also a proven home remedy for diarrhea and constipation in most dogs. Nothing speaks against a piece of apple as a snack in between, because apples are easy to digest and can be eaten with the skin on without any problems.

Eating Apples for the Dog’s Dental Hygiene

The raw fruit is also suitable for dental care and ensures clean teeth and gums and fresh breath after eating.

Nutrients: Why Are Apples So Healthy For Dogs?

An apple contains numerous nutrients that will help keep your dog healthy. Although apples, like most types of fruit, contain natural sugar, they are low in calories and suitable as a healthy snack.

  • Vitamin C supports the dog’s immune system;
  • Among other things, potassium regulates the digestive process and hormonal balance;
  • Pectin has a digestive effect and binds toxins;
  • Calcium is an important part of the bones and teeth;
  • Vitamin K strengthens the immune system and supports the liver and kidneys.

Are Apple Kernels Good or Poisonous for Dogs?

Apples should always be pitted before feeding because the pips of the apple are poorly tolerated by dogs. This is due to the hydrocyanic acid contained in the seeds and stones of many types of fruit and which can cause poisoning and digestive disorders. In order to poison itself, a dog would have to eat a large number of apple pips – but for the well-being of the animal, make sure that your dog does not eat any apples lying around in the garden or on a walk, and only feed ripe, pitted fruit.

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