Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

Many dogs love exotic fruit. Bananas are very healthy and nutritious, but is that also true for dogs? In general, bananas are a good addition to the food plan for dogs. Bananas contain a lot of fructose and glucose. This makes the bananas pleasantly sweet, while the glucose quickly provides energy. Especially performance dogs or sick dogs or in convalescence can benefit from this.

Bananas for Dogs in Brief

  • Dogs are generally allowed to eat bananas, preferably ripe fruit;
  • Due to the high sugar and potassium content, you should not feed too many bananas!;
  • Bananas can have a positive effect on diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Can Dogs Have Bananas?

Bananas for Dogs with Digestive Problems

There is fiber in bananas. This can help dogs with digestive problems. The bananas can have a particularly positive effect if the dog has diarrhea. As with humans, bananas can support digestion and help normalize bowel movements. However, it is important to be careful when feeding bananas. They contain potassium. If the dog eats too many bananas, too much potassium can cause the heart muscle reaction to weakening. However, this only happens when there are so many bananas that the dog is constipated and has to be presented to the vet.

Feed Ripe and Mashed Bananas

Dogs should only get really ripe bananas. These can be recognized by their dark yellow skin with brown spots. To feed the dog the banana, it should be pureed. Mixed with quark and a dollop of honey, the dog will be very excited about the treat. In summer, the mixture can even be turned into a dog ice cream so that it can cool down on hot days. It’s not just people who love ice cream on hot days. Like any fruit or vegetable for dogs, bananas should be pureed because dogs cannot break down the cellulose on their own. You can digest pureed fruit more easily.

How Many Bananas Give the Dog?

  • Dogs can also get dried bananas. The banana chips are available in stores. They are good to give as treats.
  • When it comes to quantity, less is more. Too many bananas can cause constipation in dogs.
  • The number of bananas should be adjusted based on the size and weight of the dog.
  • Small dogs should only get a few pieces, medium-sized and larger dogs can get up to two bananas per week.

Do Bananas Make Dogs Fat?

Bananas should only be used sparingly in overweight dogs. If in doubt, it is always a good idea to discuss the banana administration with the veterinarian. When a person eats a banana, the dog can get a little bit now and then. It would be better, however, to put the banana pureed in the food. In general, bananas should never be a substitute for dog food, only a supplement every now and then.

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