Can Dogs Eat Kohlrabi?

Like other types of cabbage, the vegetables are healthy in moderation. Feeding them up to three times a week provides your darling with important vitamins. The leaves are also healthy and tasty and should be included with a snack.

Can Dogs Have Raw Kohlrabi?


Many dog owners ask themselves “Can / Can dogs eat raw kohlrabi?”. In principle, it is allowed to give the four-legged friend the raw food. However, the vegetables are more digestible when cooked or cooked and less often cause gas and discomfort.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Kohlrabi?

Cooked vegetables can support the health of a faithful friend. Therefore, you are welcome to hand your companion a little kohlrabi as a reward. This food contains many valuable ingredients such as:

  • Niacin (vitamin B3) helps the organism to obtain more energy for metabolic processes;
  • Folic acid influences growth processes and also the dog’s metabolism;
  • Vitamin C has a positive effect on the immune system, teeth, and bones;
  • Calcium supplies both teeth and bones with important nutrients;
  • Potassium has a positive effect on cell metabolism and the electrolyte balance;
  • Fluoride contains active ingredients that make teeth and bones harder;
  • Magnesium is particularly needed by the cells in the nervous system and muscles.

Tip: Choose kohlrabi with a regional origin.

It is best to use organic kohlrabi because it does not contain any pesticides that can be dangerous for the fur nose. Organically grown vegetables are usually richer in vitamins and therefore contribute positively to a healthy diet.

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