Can Dogs Eat Natural Yoghurt?

Almost every dog likes yogurt. There is a great temptation to give something to your four-legged friend from time to time. But is yogurt healthy for dogs or not? This question has not yet been conclusively answered scientifically. What is certain, however, is that some types of yogurt are even poisonous for dogs.

There are currently no scientific studies that prove that yogurt is healthy for dogs. On the contrary: some types of yogurt can even harm the pet because they mess up the dog’s digestion. When buying yoghurt, always pay attention to the information on the packaging. If you are not sure whether certain ingredients are suitable for the dog, it is best to ask your veterinarian.

Can Dogs Have Natural Yoghurt?

Yoghurt is high in calcium and vital protein. However, if you feed your dog a balanced diet, the calcium and protein requirements should already be covered by the normal food. If you still want to give your four-legged friend yoghurt, check carefully what is in the product.

Do not give your dog yogurt with the sweetener xylitol.

Xylitol is toxic to dogs and causes a life-threatening drop in blood sugar levels. Also, make sure that it is natural yogurt with little fat and no added sugar.

Is Natural Yoghurt Good for Dogs?

There is no general feeding recommendation for the dosage of yogurt for dogs. In general, natural yogurt should only make up a small part of your daily calorie intake. Too much yogurt can lead to an unbalanced diet, digestive problems, and obesity.

How much yogurt dogs can eat depends on a number of factors. Large dogs can eat more of it than smaller breeds. Other characteristics such as the daily amount of food, the level of activity, and the dog’s health are also decisive. If your dog tends to become overweight or if he suffers from inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), high-fat yogurts are unsuitable.

Can Dogs Eat Yogurt Every Day?

Basically, it does not harm the dog if he eats a little yogurt every day. Nevertheless, feeding natural yogurt should remain an exception as a special treat. In this way, you ensure that your dog is fed appropriately and that it does not become overweight.

What is Probiotic Yogurt?

Probiotic yoghurts contain microorganisms, for example, lactic acid bacteria, that are added to yoghurt during production. Probiotics are also known as “healthy” bacteria because they are said to have a beneficial effect on digestion by inhibiting the growth of competing, “bad” bacteria in the intestine.

Probiotic yogurts were developed for humans, not tested on dogs.

Is Probiotic Yogurt Good for Dogs?

It is unclear whether probiotic yogurt is suitable for dogs. Because there are no studies on the effects of yoghurts on pets, there is no evidence that the probiotic effect of the products also occurs in dogs.

Are There Probiotics for Dogs?

You can buy probiotics for dogs from your vet and in selected shops. These are pastes, tablets, or powders that are explicitly suitable for dogs. Only give your pet probiotics that have been scientifically proven to work on dogs. Your vet can help you choose a suitable product.

Can I Talk to the Vet About Probiotics for the Dog?

If you have any questions about your dog’s proper diet or are unsure which foods are right for your pet, see a veterinarian. Even if there is a suspicion of illness, the vet is the right contact.

An experienced veterinarian will also help you with the question of whether probiotics are suitable for your dog. He will help you choose a suitable product for your furry friend that is both safe and effective.

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