Can Dogs Eat Papaya?

The papaya belongs to the melon tree family and grows mainly in South America. The large fruits have a green-yellow skin and an orange- to a pink-colored pulp, which is a welcome change on the menu for many dogs. To find out whether papaya is healthy for dogs and what to look for when feeding it, read this article.

Is Papaya Good or Bad for Dogs?

Good news for those with a sweet tooth: dogs are allowed to eat papaya. The sweet tropical fruit is not poisonous and many dogs taste good. It is also easily digestible. However, it is important that you only give your dog ripe fruit.

Ripe papayas not only taste better, but they are also easier to digest and easier to digest.

Is Papaya Healthy For Dogs?

Like most fruits, papaya also contains a lot of valuable vitamins. Above all, the orange-colored fruit provides the dog with plenty of vitamin C, which is essential for the immune system and well-being. The provitamin A is also contained in large quantities in papaya, as are the health-promoting minerals iron, potassium, and calcium. These contribute to healthy muscle function, bone formation, and blood formation. But that’s not all, because the tropical fruit has another great advantage:

Compared to other fruits, papaya contains little acid and little sugar.

Dogs should be fed as low in sugar as possible and not eat large amounts of foods containing sugar. The papaya, however, can be fed to the dog without hesitation, because it is extremely healthy.

Are Papaya Seeds Good for Dogs?

In addition to vitamins and minerals, papaya contains an active ingredient called papain. This is an enzyme that is contained in the seeds of the fruit. Papain is used as a remedy and is said to help with digestive problems, strengthen the immune system and protect against parasites such as worms. The enzyme breaks down proteins and can thus kill worms and other single-cell parasites in the dog’s gastrointestinal tract.

However, if you want to use papain as a natural wormer, don’t give your dog fresh papaya seeds. Ground papaya seeds, which you can buy as a ready-made powder and mix into your dog’s food, are more digestible and effective. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s dosage instructions and discuss the treatment with your veterinarian.

How Do You Feed Your Dog Papaya?

Dogs love fresh fruits and vegetables. You can therefore offer your dog a piece of fresh papaya. So that the dog can absorb the enzymes contained in the pulp particularly well, you can puree the papaya or cut it into small cubes. You can then either offer the tropical snack pure in small quantities, mix the pulp into the usual dog food or refine the raw food with fresh fruit when feeding it barf. Some commercially available dog foods also contain papaya and provide the dog with optimal vitamins and fiber.

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