Can Dogs Eat Peaches?

Yes, peaches are suitable as a snack for four-legged friends. However, masters and mistresses should only feed ripe fruits. The reason is simple: unripe stone fruit often leads to intolerance reactions such as diarrhea or nausea. Protect your dog from this and only give him peaches in moderation.

Can dogs have peaches?

The stone fruit usually tastes good to dogs and contains numerous nutrients. Before serving the food, separate the pulp from the stone. If the core is served with pulp, there is a risk of poisoning.

The stones in stone fruit contain hydrogen cyanide.

Peach: nutrients for the dog

  • The high proportion of vitamin A optimizes the health of the skin;
  • Vitamin B has beneficial effects on central nervous system health;
  • Calcium strengthens your dog’s bones and teeth;
  • Vitamin C helps cartilage and bones to form correctly;
  • Sodium can bring the animal’s fluid balance into balance;
  • Magnesium relieves the muscles and the central nervous system;
  • Zinc strengthens the immune system and generally reduces susceptibility to disease;
  • Flavones help the cardiovascular system to remain stable;
  • Beta-carotene usually scavenges free radicals, thereby protecting the dog’s body cells.

Can dogs eat canned peaches?

The gift of canned fruit is problematic. This is because the liquid often contains sugar and sugar substitutes. Sweeteners and sugar are unhealthy for dogs, so you shouldn’t give your pet canned peaches. Better to choose fresh fruits from the supermarket or your garden.

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