Can Dogs Eat Pomelo?

Pomelos come from Asia and are related to grapefruits. The large fruits have a coarse, firm pulp that is much milder in taste than that of grapefruit. The firm pulp and the size of the fruit make the pomelo fun to eat. Here you can find out whether your dog can also snack on it or whether pomelos might even harm your four-legged friend.

Can Dogs Have Pomelo?

Pomelos are very healthy for dogs as well as humans. They contain loads of vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. These nutrients are digestive and healthy for muscles, nerves, and the cardiovascular system of dogs.

Is Pomelo Dangerous or Good for Dogs?

As with all citrus fruits, you should be careful when feeding pomelo, as some dogs are sensitive to the acid it contains. Compared to lemons and grapefruits, pomelos contain less acid and are therefore better tolerated than their acidic relatives. When consuming larger amounts, sensitive dogs can still react in the digestive tract. Typical symptoms of poor tolerance to the fruit are diarrhea, vomiting, or stomach pain.

Pomelo: How to Feed the Dog?

In principle, only feed a small amount of pomelo and wait to see whether your dog can tolerate the fruit well. In addition, carefully remove the peel and the thick white skins, as these contain bitter substances and are difficult to digest. Only feed the ripe, juicy flesh of the pomelo. You can give your dog pomelo as a snack in between meals or as an accompaniment to the usual food. By adding it to the feed or barf menu, the tolerance is additionally increased because the stomach does not become over-acidic as quickly.

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