Can Dogs Eat Radishes?

Radishes belong to the group of radishes. The tubers are around four centimeters in size and are characterized by their sharp taste. Here you can find out whether you can give your dog radishes and what can happen if your fur nose eats too many of the small tubers.

Radishes for Dogs in Brief

  • Radishes are a low-calorie vegetable that contains important vitamins;
  • In moderation, radishes are a healthy snack for dogs;
  • Not every dog can tolerate radishes because of the mustard oil they contain;
  • Excessive consumption can lead to stomach burning and gas.

Are Radishes Harmful to Dogs?

Basically, small amounts of radishes are healthy for dogs. They have a digestive effect and, with a water content of around 94 percent, are low-calorie vegetables. The small pink tubers have a high vitamin content and contain many minerals, especially vitamin A, B vitamins, iron, and calcium.

Why Are Dogs Allowed to Eat Radishes in Moderation?

Like all radishes, radishes contain mustard oil, which is responsible for the slightly pungent taste of the vegetables. Because of the mustard oil, it contains, large quantities of radishes in particular are difficult to digest for dogs. The pungent substances can cause stomach aches and symptoms such as gas and vomiting. Therefore, you should only give your dog radishes as a treat every now and then. Radishes are not suitable as regular food or in larger quantities.

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