Can Dogs Eat Spinach?

It is no secret for dog owners that the four-legged darling insists on their portion of meat. However, a healthy and balanced diet means variety in the bowl. As a rule, this includes not only dry food but also vegetables. The article, therefore, clarifies the question of whether dogs are allowed to eat spinach.

Spinach for Dogs in Brief

  • Spinach belongs to the dark leafy vegetable and is rich in fiber.
  • The vegetables are full of fiber, iron, and vitamins, which are beneficial for the diet.
  • Due to the natural oxalic acid content, spinach is not suitable for all dogs.
  • Fat and proteins are important building blocks for a powerful and energetic four-legged friend.

Can Dogs Have Spinach?

Basically, there is no problem if the four-legged friend finds a healthy variety in the bowl in between. Therefore, dogs are allowed to eat spinach. It is important to make sure that it is only a dietary supplement and is not exclusively fed. The vegetable contains many vitamins and is a great source of iron. It’s also full of fiber, which is great for nutrition and digestion. Therefore, the question of whether dogs are allowed to eat spinach can generally be answered with a “yes”.

Is Spinach Good for Dogs?

Long-term feeding with spinach is not recommended, because the vegetables then give off too much oxalic acid to the dog. Spinach naturally contains this acid. In small amounts, it is not harmful to your dog. Important tips for adding spinach are, therefore:

  • Healthy pets have no problem excreting oxalic acid after digestion. Nevertheless, dog owners should keep the feeding within limits. If the fur nose gets too much, this can lead to poisoning.
  • If the pet suffers from kidney stones, do not feed them with spinach. The same applies to puppies that are not allowed to consume oxalic acid at all.
  • The vegetables are quick to use and not suitable for warming up. The reason for this is the nitrate it contains. It is converted into nitrite by bacteria and is harmful to health.

Note: If you want to know whether cats are allowed to eat spinach, you will be disappointed. Oxalate-containing foods are not good for velvet paws.

Our Recommendation: Steam or Puree the Spinach – Never Give It Raw

In the following, those interested will find out in which form the dog can eat the spinach. Because not chopped up and raw, the vegetables are neither digestible nor digestible for the four-legged friend.

  • In order to absorb the spinach well, it must be steamed or pureed beforehand.
  • The vegetables are best digestible in small portions.
  • Fresh spinach should be washed well before blanching. In addition, the leaves must not be withered when you buy them.
  • In principle, dogs are allowed to eat frozen spinach, as this has already been pureed in portions. However, it is important to choose a variety that has been processed without cream.
  • For even better tolerability, it is advisable to mix the pureed end result with products containing calcium. Both cottage cheese and quark and yogurt are very suitable.

Tip: The latter is recommended because the dog can absorb the iron content of the spinach better this way. This is due to the combination with calcium, as this promotes more efficient iron absorption.

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