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Chow Chow is a unique breed that has no analogs in the dog world. And it’s not only the dark blue tongue and straight limbs, but also the original character, and just amazing natural accuracy. If you have always dreamed of having a dog but were afraid that due to busyness you will not be able to spend enough time with it, then the Chow Chow is the perfect breed for you! After all, these extraordinary dogs are quite comfortable alone with themselves, and they do not like the noise and abundance of people in the house.


Chow Chows are dogs with an unusual appearance and no less unusual character. Disputes about the origin of the breed continue today, and its history goes back over 1000 years.
But whoever the ancestors of cheerful and cute pets were, today we know Chow-Chows as dogs of medium height (maximum height at the withers 56 cm), dense constitution (weight up to 25 kg), and amazing appearance. The Chow Chow has an interesting face, similar to that of a bear, erect little ears and a ring-shaped tail, strong limbs with straightened kneecaps, and a blue-colored tongue.

Chow Chow’s coat can be either long or short. It is straight, abundant, and very thick – especially in the neck (forms a collar) and limbs. The undercoat is soft and fluffy. The color of the Chow-Chow is monochromatic: black, red, blue, cinnamon, cream, or white. There are shades. Spotting and multicolored colors are unacceptable.

History of the Breed

Many people assume that the Chow Chows originated from bears. Indeed, such a legend exists. In Korea, they say that Chow Chows were once small bears who loved blackberries very much, which is why their tongue is so blue-black. Of course, these are just legends. It is known for certain that the Chow Chow is a very ancient breed of dog. It is believed that these dogs have lived in Mongolia, Tibet, and China since ancient times.

Many Buddhist temples were engaged in breeding Chow Chow. They were used for protection. Also, Chow-Chows have long been used for hunting large animals. For the first time in Europe, they learned about these dogs thanks to the Italian merchant and traveler Marco Polo, who was in Tibet for a long time and mentioned these amazing dogs in his writings. However, this was back in the 13th century. China has been a closed country for a long time, so no more information about the Chow Chow has been reported.

In England, these dogs first appeared in 1830 and immediately became extremely popular among the upper nobility. They have even been exhibited at the London Zoo as the Wild Chinese Dog. Local breeders took notice of these unusual dogs and set to work to improve the breed. In 1895, an exhibition was held in London, at which the Chow Chow was first presented. At that time, lovers of these dogs created their own club. In 1905, Chow Chows received official recognition from the American Kennel Club. Today Chow Chow is one of the most popular breeds.


The unusual appearance of the Chow Chow corresponds to their character. They are self-sufficient, brave, and independent pets that cannot be pissed off. Chow Chows prefer to behave quietly (and even a little aloof), get used to a person for a long time, and are wary of strangers, which makes them good watchmen.

The Chow Chow is incredibly loyal to its owner (but can ignore other family members). He becomes strongly attached to one person and feels the smallest fluctuations in his mood. In the family circle, this independent dog often behaves like a small, affectionate, and curious bear cub, but in neutral circumstances, from the Chow Chow side seems harsh and unnecessarily serious. Giving his warmth to his loved ones, Chow-Chow does not like frequent guests in the house and shows a barely hidden dislike to other dogs.

As for walking, the Chow Chow is not a particularly active breed, but daily long walks are necessary for their proper development. With regular walks, Chow-Chows feel great in living conditions.

A real gift to the owners of the Chow Chow is the amazing cleanliness of these dogs. On the street, they diligently bypass all the puddles, clean off the slightest dirt from the skin, never litter at home, in addition, they do not smell at all. Chow-Chow is also a wonderful pet for a person who is rarely at home. Alone with itself, this dog feels great.


Chow Chow has good health. When properly maintained, these dogs rarely get sick. However, there is a risk of developing hereditary diseases, therefore, before purchasing a puppy, you must carefully familiarize yourself with the pedigrees of its ancestors.

The Chow Chow has an average life span of 12-13 years.


Chow Chows feel good in an apartment and are by no means suitable for keeping on a chain. These dogs like calm but long walks, and preferably in secluded, quiet park areas. Heat due to fluffy fur coats is poorly tolerated.

As for leaving, it is standard. Chow Chows need a balanced diet and should never be overfed. The thick coat is combed out daily. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the eyes, ears, and claws, to carry out preventive examinations at the veterinarian, and routine vaccinations.

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  1. This information on Chows is spot on ..very accurate. We have had chows as our beloved pets since1990, a total of 5 to date. tragically , we lost our beloved Max at only 10 month s old after a short walk in hot please beware these dogs do not do well in the hot humid weather !! They are by far my most favourite breed ever. We also own a Yorkie, a Shi -poo and had a Bull Mastiff as well over the years.

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