Coronavirus: Tips to Keep Your Dog Busy in Quarantine

Covid-19 still has a firm grip on World. More and more people are under quarantine, everyone is encouraged to only leave the house in an emergency. Dog owners find it difficult to use their four-legged friends properly. Read here how you can keep your dog busy for hours in your own four walls.

First of all: Of course, your dog still needs to be outside in the fresh air – just to be able to break loose on a regular basis. If you are in quarantine yourself, ask relatives or acquaintances to go for a short walk with your four-legged friend. Everyone who is out and about with the dog should adhere to the usual hygiene regulations.

In order for your four-legged friend to be balanced during this time, you need to stimulate them both intellectually and physically. We have three tips for you on how you can use your dogs enough in your own four walls.

Deal with Intelligence Toys

The corona pandemic is the perfect time to get the treat search game with flaps and levers out of the closet.

You don’t have an intelligence toy for dogs at home? Get creative yourself and make one yourself. Or hide treats in the house or apartment and let your four-legged friend look for them, this activates its olfactory abilities.

Caution: Your four-legged friend’s physical activity maybe a little too short at the moment. Therefore, give a little fewer treats than usual or adjust the amount of food accordingly.

Sports with Dog in the Apartment

Even if it is a little less pleasant than in the fresh air or in the fitness studio: Sport can also be done in limited spaces within your own four walls! Do not leave your four-legged friend outside and actively involve them in the action. The same applies here: let your creativity run free.

You can find some ideas here:

  • Let a ball bounce against the wall, your four-legged friend should catch it;
  • Play hide and seek with your dog;
  • Play catch with your dog.

For the sporty:

  • Try some dog dancing exercises;
  • Do pushups and let your dog lie on you;
  • Do squats with your dog in your arms.

You will see: Your four-legged friend will not only work out over time, you will both get closer during the partner exercises and strengthen your connection even more.

Learn New Tricks For Your Dog

Having a lot of time at home also has its advantages. Learn new tricks for your four-legged friend that you have wanted to show them for a long time. “Play dead” or “Ashamed of yourself” often need a little more time, which you now have at your disposal.

Your dog will be happy about the new tasks – especially if he has a few treats in view as a reward.

You can also use this opportunity to try new techniques such as clicker training: a method that relies on positive reinforcement and is respectful of the animal. Even if your dog has a problem with grooming procedures (clipping its nails, brushing, dental care, or ear cleaning), this is the perfect time to slowly introduce them to these routines.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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