Dangerous Pastries: Paws Off Gingerbread!

The Christmas season brings a lot of goodies with it. Of course, a special pastry should not be missing: gingerbread. No wonder that with the smell of fresh gingerbread, many a dog with big eyes and wagging tail stands in the kitchen and wants to nibble on the delicacies. But be careful: Gingerbreads with chocolate are especially dangerous for dogs.

Are Gingerbread Cookies Poisonous to Dogs?

Gingerbread does not belong in the dog bowl. The Christmas biscuits are not only difficult to digest for dogs but in the worst case, consuming them can even have fatal consequences. This is because most products contain cocoa or are coated with chocolate. Chocolate contains the substance theobromine, which is difficult to break down in the dog’s body and which can cause severe poisoning. The biscuits also contain sugar, fat, and spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, which dogs are also poorly tolerated and harmful to health.

Depending on the size and health of the animal, even 100 grams of gingerbread can be fatal for dogs.

My Dog Ate Gingerbread With Chocolate: What to Do?

Has your dog eaten gingerbread with chocolate? Then first clarify how much of the pastries your pet actually ate. If the dog has only eaten a small amount of gingerbread and there are no symptoms, your four-legged friend has been lucky again. In larger quantities and in sensitive dogs, mild or severe symptoms of intoxication occur after eating gingerbread.

If your dog shows signs of gingerbread poisoning, see a veterinarian immediately.

Dog ate gingerbread: Typical symptoms

  • Vomit;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Increased pulse rate and increased blood pressure;
  • Restlessness, tremors, or convulsions;
  • Panting and shortness of breath.

Our Recommendation: Keep Gingerbread Cookies Out of the Reach of Dogs

Most dogs tend to try everything that comes under their noses. It is best if you take preventive action in good time. To protect your dog, you should always keep poisonous food out of the dog’s reach. Do not leave chocolate and cookies open and always keep an eye on your pet while enjoying the Christmas coffee wreath.

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