Do Rottweilers Shed?

The Rottweilers’ coat is one of the most important parts of routine care. The advantage of the breed is not only in its physical condition. A good coat condition is a key to the dog’s good and stable health. The hair of these dogs is short, thick, and rough, so the care for the coat is not much trouble.

Combing should be carried out with frequent walks as the coat gets dirty by removing fragments of dirt, dust, and parasites. These procedures are best carried out with special mitts and combs which allow you to thoroughly clean the surfaces of the coat of your pet.

The Rottweiler sheds twice a year, within a month. It is during this period that you need to be patient and take care of the coat more thoroughly. This will allow you to preserve the appropriate thoroughbred condition.

The Rottweiler shed twice a year, in the spring and fall, when it is kept in a crate. An apartment dog, on the other hand, sheds all year round.

During the seasonal shedding, brush your dog more often and give more nutritious food (liver, raw meat, eggs, the fish oil in drops).

The Rottweiler tolerates the cold better than the heat, so a very warm apartment can cause increased shedding or poor coat growth. Include vegetable oils in the diet in natural form or in soft kinds of margarine (small supplements every other day) which improve not only the coat but also the overall condition of the dog, since animal fats do not have this property.

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