What Causes White Spots on a Rottweiler’s Coat?

Rottweilers are a very popular breed of service dogs that have long sunk into the soul of lovers of large breeds. The usual colors for all representatives of this breed are combinations of the main black color of the coat and brown spots on the chest, belly, and paws of the pet. Sometimes light spots may be present on the short coat. But there are also albino dogs, which will be discussed in this article.

Can a Rottweiler be White-Coated?

Rottweilers can be partially white or grayish in color, or they can be completely white. They are called albinos. It should be noted that in this case, the dog does not lose its attractiveness and service qualities. At the same time, it does not fit into the breed standard.

Important! The white Rottweiler is a breed defect. Such animals cannot take part in show activities and are not used for breeding.

Experts consider even a small deviation from the norm in the form of small white spots or a slight grayish tint throughout the body to be a defect. Such pets are also not allowed in the ring.

There is an immune disease similar to that of humans, vitiligo, and it can also affect Rottweilers. In this case, the coat loses its coloring pigment and becomes covered, as it were, with a grayish coating. Over time, the coat fades completely. This usually happens with dogs that are prone to allergic reactions or have experienced severe stress.

Since vitiligo tends to be transmitted genetically to the born offspring, such Rottweilers are usually sterilized and not used in breeding. It should be noted that regardless of the color of the coat, the representatives of the breed usually meet the standard parameters approved by the international canine federations.

Albinism in Rottweilers

Albino dogs do not differ from their counterparts, are not inferior to them in height and weight. They also prefer active games and long walks, they need regular training. However, it should be remembered that such a dog is under attack by the immune system, and proper care must be provided for it.

Important! If a Rottweiler has been diagnosed with vitiligo or another autoimmune disease that contributes to discoloration of the coat, it is necessary to completely protect it from stress, to exclude allergic reactions to foods and chemicals.

Owners of “special” dogs should remember that despite not meeting their breed standard, they also require love and attention. They need to be dealt with, give them maximum attention, actively train and engage in training. Only a beloved and cheerful animal that receives proper care will feel comfortable and confident.

There is no specific treatment for dogs with vitiligo. Veterinarians prescribe them only a complex of vitamins, especially group B, as well as preparations with a high content of zinc and copper. They increase the body’s resistance and help keep the dog at a quality level of life. Its duration largely depends on the conditions of detention, the correctness of the diet, and the genetics of the dog. For the most part, white Rottweilers live the same way as their standard relatives, for about 10 years.

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