Rottweiler: Name Ideas for the Powerful Molossians

The Rottweiler is a breed of dog that actively supported humans as driving and herding dogs as early as Roman times. What names are they right for?

Idefix, Krümel or Strolchi – these dog names are undoubtedly cute, but not necessarily the first choice for a Rottweiler. Finally, the powerful Molossians reach a shoulder height of up to 68 cm and are blessed with an astral body. Therefore, dog names that stand for “strength” and “power”, for example, fit a Rottweiler.

What Name for a Rottweiler?

Names that reflect the character of the Rottweiler are also suitable. Many federal states classify the large Molossian as a list dog. Clearly, her sometimes stubborn character and protective instinct do not make training a dog child’s play. Rotties are more likely to be suspicious of strangers, which makes them excellent watchdogs.

However, this trait does not appear in familiar people. With a consistent upbringing, the four-legged friends show their affectionate and gentle side. With dog-experienced people, they are therefore in good hands as family dogs. Names that mean “courage” or “protector” but also “gentle” and “loving” do more than justice to the fur noses with the tan fur!

Russian Rottweiler Names

  • Toscha
  • Asja
  • Sotschi
  • Masha
  • Puschkin
  • Raja
  • Darja
  • Tolstoi
  • Fjodor
  • Yuri
  • Egor
  • Sila
  • Ivan
  • Maxim
  • Kira
  • Samara

Rottweiler Names for Male Dogs

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Are Rotties as strong as bears? Admittedly, this comparison is a bit exaggerated. But a name like Bernie, which translates as “the strong bear”, will surely flatter any Rottweiler.


The short form of the Czech name Jaroslaw is interpreted with the characteristics “bold” and “strong”. For dog owners of courageous and powerful four-legged friends, Jaro has therefore been among the shortlisted names.


Koa is reminiscent of the lovable koalas. The meaning of the Hawaiian name, however, goes in a completely different direction. The short and concise dog name means “the brave”.


Lenny not only sounds melodic but also looks particularly good on a Rottweiler male due to its meaning. The translation is: “The bold”, “the brave” or “the strong lion”.


A Rottweiler is affectionate and gentle with his loved ones. The name Philo reflects precisely this beautiful trait. It means: “The lover” or “the friend”.


Rottweilers are excellent watchdogs. If the four-legged friend will take up the post in the future, Willi will fit like a glove. The short form of the name Wilhelm means: “The determined protector”.

Rottweiler Names for Females

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Amy is a popular dog name for females As gentle as the name sounds, so is its meaning: Amy means “the beloved” or “the lover” and alludes to the affectionate nature of a Rottweiler.


Adeltrud takes a bit of getting used to the name of a female How about the English variant of the Old High German name? Audrey scores with the beautiful meaning “the noble” or “the strong”.


A strong name for a female Emma means, among other things, “the big one”. For Rottweiler females who reach a shoulder height of up to 63 cm, Emma is an excellent name choice!


Kelly – a name of Irish origin – is rarely seen on dogs. But the meaning “martial fighter” is worth considering for courageous Rottweiler women.


The name Mina is a girl’s name in several countries. Derived from Old High German, it means: “the protective” or “the warrior”.


A Rottweiler is a family dog ​​and under no circumstances is it just a watchdog or a status symbol. With the Hawaiian word “Ohana”, which is translated as “family”, his people express the appreciation of the Rottweiler, which is wrongly categorized as aggressive.

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