Pros and Cons of the Rottweiler Breed

Rottweilers cannot be categorized as suitable for any person. Before you get such a pet, you need to think carefully about your decision and study the advantages and disadvantages of the breed.

Pros of Owning a Rottweiler

The positive temperament traits and characteristics of the representatives of this breed include the fact that they:

have a stable and balanced psyche;

intellectually developed and smart;

devoted to their owner (they will not be able to establish contact with another owner);

omnivorous and unpretentious in food;

are not imposed and do not require increased attention to themselves;

become excellent bodyguards and property guards;

do not require special care for the coat.

With a Rottweiler, you can leave the child without worrying about the dog being able to harm. If the baby is a member of the family, the dog will never do anything bad to him. Dogs of this breed love and need constant physical activity, so they are perfect for athletes and families who love sports and active pastimes.

A Rottweiler charged with protecting a house, territory, or any other object at the slightest danger or threat will be able to independently assess the situation and quickly make the right decision. The dog will not leave his post until he receives an order from the owner. Hardy and unpretentious, he can sleep in the snow, practically does not feel cold and pain during a fight.

Important! A Rottweiler can be a security guard, bodyguard, lifeguard, police officer, and even a guide. At the same time, he becomes an excellent friend and companion for his family members.

Cons of Owning a Rottweiler

The first thing that a person who has decided to become the owner of such a pet should understand is that without proper socialization, education, and training, a monster will grow from a cute puppy. The need to attract a specialist to train a Rottweiler is a disadvantage for many, but without it, there is no way.

Important! If you neglect the socialization and education of a dog of this breed, the owner himself may suffer from the aggressive behavior of his pet.

A dog of this breed is not suitable for the elderly and sedentary people, for single women, adolescents, and those who spend too little time at home. Also, you should not get a dog for someone who has never had anything to do with them. The Rottweiler has a too complex and dominant character, which only an experienced and confident person can cope with. Therefore, it is highly undesirable to buy a puppy of this breed for a child.

Important! Despite the fact that the Rottweiler is a good guard, you cannot chain it.

If another animal appears in the house, the Rottweiler may become jealous. Therefore, another cat or dog must be started at the same time. The free-range Rottweiler will become a thunderstorm for neighboring cats and drive even rats and mice from the site.

People who like to often receive guests will have to close their pets in a separate room. It is also necessary to ensure that people who come to the house behave quietly and calmly. The Rottweiler is not one of those dogs who calmly tolerate screams and noise around them, even if they are funny. What can we say about loud quarrels? A dog that too often witnesses family scandals may itself demonstrate inappropriate behavior.

In general, a Rottweiler can become a domestic dog, but only on the condition that the owner is aware of the fact that a large and very strong dog lives next to him. Indeed, according to research carried out by Swiss dog handlers, this particular breed is considered the most “biting” after German shepherds.

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