Fall Cats: Are They Better Than Their Reputation?

Should you choose an autumn cat or a spring-born cat? Fall cat myths persist. We explain what is really true about the prejudices and why it doesn’t matter when your pet was born.

When are Autumn Cats Born?

Fall kittens are cats born in the fall. Unlike the so-called May-kittens, the term does not refer to a specific month, but to a birth period from September to November.

Are Autumn Cats Weaker and More Vulnerable?

Autumn cats are popularly considered to be weaker and more vulnerable than kittens born in spring. According to the myth, the kittens are smaller and grow less quickly. They are also said to be more susceptible to disease.

The myth about kittens born in autumn probably has its origin in an old farmer’s wisdom. Because while house tigers make themselves comfortable in the house or apartment today, cats used to be typically outdoors, which were used on the farm to hunt mice. But in the wild there are more dangers lurking in autumn and winter: It is colder, the food supply is smaller, the hunting possibilities are limited and the chances of survival of the small kittens in the autumn and winter months are therefore lower.

Are Autumn Cats Smaller Than May Cats?

The fall cats’ bad reputation persists. The old farmer’s wisdom has long since become obsolete. Today cats are rarely farm animal that lives on the farm to hunt mice. Instead, the velvet paws lovingly care for pets that lack nothing. Outdoor animals also have a large supply of food, are fed by humans in winter, and do not have to go hungry.

Autumn cats, therefore, have the same chances of growth and survival as all other domestic cats. There is no evidence that animals born in the autumn months are weaker or more susceptible to disease. But on the contrary:

Fall cats can be just as healthy, playful, and cuddly as any other cat.

Autumn Cats or Spring Cats: Which to Choose?

Whether you choose a cat born in spring, summer, autumn, or winter, in most cases has no impact whatsoever on the pet’s health or character. Do not be misled by breeders or suppliers who advise against autumn cats, advertise their kittens as particularly robust and possibly charge more money for the supposedly better kittens. Every cat is unique no matter when it was born. When buying it, make sure that you can offer the animal an all-around beautiful home and that you have enough time for the cat.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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