10+ Grey Kitten Names – Male & Female

There are no limits to the imagination when looking for a name for gray cats. The repertoire includes names for gray stones, weather phenomena, and classic names that mean “the gray one”. Discover 18 names for cats with gray fur in this article and be inspired!

Gray cat names are tailor-made for house cats like Carthusians or the rare Nebelung. It is not always easy to come up with the ideal name on your own.

To give creativity a boost, this article offers a selection of cute cat names, ranging from classic-traditional to rare and extravagant.

Gray Kitten Names

Grey Kitten Names – Female

Are you looking for names for female gray cats? These nine cat names will enchant you:


The English term is reminiscent of cozy gray days and therefore goes perfectly with cats with the special coat color.


Gray is a classic name for gray cats and scores with a beautiful sound.


With Griseldis the cat gets an extravagant name. Gris means “gray” in French.


Like a foggy autumn morning: Hazy is the English word for “hazy” and is ideal for gray cats.


Liath is a Gaelic girl name, meaning that it is a perfect match for cats with gray fur. The translation is: “The gray one” or “the gray-haired one”.


Luna – a popular pet name – means “the moon”. Since the color of the moon often appears ash gray, Luna goes well with gray cats.


Misty is both a name that is mainly given to girls in the USA and the English word for “foggy” and “hazy”.


Although the French name means “forest”, the similarity with the English word silver immediately makes a reference to the gray precious metal.


As if on cloud nine: This name sounds dreamy and evokes associations with clouds, which – depending on the weather – can also be gray.

Grey Kitten Names – Male

Are you looking for a name for gray cats? The following nine names for cats are guaranteed to have something for your male gray cat!


The French name means “pebble” or “stone” and sounds cheeky and lovable at the same time.


Both meanings are related to the color gray: Dusty is a male name that shines with the beautiful translation “Thor’s stone”. It is also the English word for “dusty”.


Flint is another name for “flint”. The pebbles are predominantly gray or black.

Grim Beard

It is traditionally called Grimbart, the name of the roof in mythical creatures. The predator from the marten family is easy to recognize by its gray coat.


The Welsh word “Llwyd” means “gray”. From this word came a beautiful name that is particularly suitable for gray cats.


The male counterpart to the name Luna: For a cat, the English term for the moon fits. Especially when their fur color is reminiscent of the gray celestial body.


Stony: Slate is the English word for slate. Since the sedimentary rock is often dark gray, the name Slate is ideal for Carthusians.


How about the name Smoky? The English term for “smoky” is also a name for a shade of gray.


Stormy weather is often associated with gray clouds. So it is fitting that the English word for stormy sounds like an original name for gray cats.

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