German Shepherd Bite Force

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds around the world. Many owners prefer this breed not only because of its beauty and power but also because of its working qualities. Sheepdogs lend themselves well to training, are able to perfectly guard and perform security functions, as well as protect their owner from the attacks of ill-wishers. The force of the pet’s bite plays a rather significant role here. The “Germans” have one of the strongest bites of all large and medium-sized dog breeds.

How Hard Can a German Shepherd Bite?

The bite force of an animal directly depends on the physiological characteristics and structure of the jaw. For a dog’s bite to be really powerful, he must have a largemouth on a massive head and have strong muscles. In addition, the mouth opening radius is considered an important factor.

As a rule, smaller breeds have the ability to “grasp”. Due to their small stature, they cannot enter into an open struggle, therefore they firmly cling to the victim and hang on it until it is exhausted.

German Shepherds have the opposite ability. They are able to make a dash or constant grip, which will completely disarm the ill-wisher. A “last warning” can also be given in the form of a tooth strike. In this case, the dog’s jaws do not even close. But the damage is tangible.

Important! The bite force of the German Shepherd is approximately 315 kg per cm² or 56 atmospheres. This is strong enough to break any bone or hold off an opponent for a certain amount of time until help arrives.

Thanks to their excellent security and sentry skills, as well as the ability to independently make decisions in emergency situations, German shepherds are often used in operational work in the police and army. They lend themselves well to training and quickly learn commands, obey the owner unquestioningly.

Well-bred shepherd dogs get along well in any family, even with small children. They are reserved and tolerant of people and other animals. However, pets require proper attention and constant stress, as well as training, which should start from early childhood.

The Position of the “Germans” in the Rating of the “Most Biting”

The German Shepherd is widely distributed throughout the world as a pet. And this despite the fact that in the ranking of the most powerful and biting dogs, she ranks third. It is second only to the Dutch Shepherd with a bite force of 52 atmospheres and the American Pit Bull with a bite of 55.5 atmospheres.

With all their strength and power, Shepherd Dogs are highly intelligent dogs and always assess the situation before starting an action. She behaves with restraint and benevolently in any situation exactly until a provocation from a person or an animal arrives in her direction or in the direction of the owner, as well as his family members.

German Shepherds have a bite force that can shatter any bone in the human body. This fact does not horrify the future owners of pets of this breed, because, with constant training and regular exercise, the dog will not be aggressive. But at the same time, shepherd dogs will always be able to protect their own home and their family members.

The “Germans” are real guards and watchmen who, if necessary, can resist ill-wishers who want to enter the home. The dog is not only capable of causing significant harm but also keeping the burglar down until people come to the rescue. That is why this breed is considered one of the most versatile and intelligent. Pets tend to quickly assess the situation and act within the current circumstances, making decisions on their own.

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