How Do I Feed Dogs and Cats Appropriately?

A species-appropriate diet is one of the cornerstones of any happy pet life. Animal lovers, therefore, want food that meets all the nutritional needs of dogs and cats. But what are the characteristics of a good dog or cat food? With the help of Purina, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pet food, we can find answers to this question.

Balanced Ingredients

Every dog and cat owner wants to offer their animal companion species-appropriate food. But what does that mean in concrete terms? As predators, dogs and cats have to ingest animal protein with their food. Vegetable raw materials, in turn, provide carbohydrates. Valuable oils as well as minerals and vitamins round off the meal perfectly. All of this is offered by a portion of food that has been declared “complete feed”. This does not necessarily have to be expensive. Purina attaches great importance to the fact that every animal lover has the opportunity to receive species-appropriate feed at affordable prices.

The Right Thing for Everyone

A complete feed provides the four-legged friend with everything they need for a lifetime. But a cozy senior cat may have different needs than a youngster.

High-quality pet food is available in different varieties in order to optimally meet different needs.

This also includes the choice between dry and wet food. That way, what tastes best ends up in the bowl.

Know What’s Inside

What is on the can, bag, or pouch bag is also inside. For Purina, a flawless declaration in accordance with the strict EU guidelines is a matter of course. But the Euskirchen-based manufacturer goes one step further: on its website, he answers customer questions about packaging, production, and sustainability quite openly. Because transparency towards animal lovers is part of a responsible company.

Quality Put to the Test

The quality of pet food must meet the highest standards. At Purina, quality assurance teams carry out up to 1,400 tests every day during the various production steps. In addition, the company ensures that only flawless raw materials are processed in the production facilities. The employees take several samples of each raw material delivery before they go into production. Experts check the semi-finished products and the finished pet food in internal laboratories. For example, fat, moisture, and protein content are on the test bench. The smell, color, and consistency must also meet the strict requirements. The company can therefore react in good time if there are deviations. Finally, external quality laboratories also examine various product samples. In this way, no unchecked batch leaves the respective production site.

A Lot of Animal Know-how for High Quality

For many years, Purina has been working on being able to offer dogs and cats species-appropriate and at the same time tasty food. The company optimizes its recipes with the help of modern knowledge about the nutrition of pets and the concentrated know-how of numerous experts. Purina also conducts feed studies in private households in order to meet the tastes of Mäkelkiezen. In the long history of the company, Purina has been able to bring numerous products onto the market that have played a pioneering role in the industry. In the future, too, the focus will be on pet food that promotes health – and tastes good.

Good Taste

The final – and completely individual – quality control is carried out by your animal companion. An empty bowl is the highest honor. After all, dog and cat food should not only be balanced but also tasty! Incidentally, “attractants” are not used. But thanks to the high quality of the raw materials and sophisticated recipes for every taste, cat and dog owners can look forward to full and satisfied companions.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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