Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream?

When the temperature rises, the lines in front of the ice cream parlors grow. Because ice cream in summer is delicious and refreshing. Would you like to share the pleasure of licking with your dog? We give tips about ice cream for dogs – including uncomplicated recipes with which you can easily make the ice cream yourself.

Can Dogs Have Ice Cream?

If you order your animal companion a scoop of ice cream at the ice cream parlor, you are doing him no favors. Because ice cream sold for human consumption is too sweet and sugary for dogs. In addition, many four-legged friends would eat the ball in one bite in no time instead of licking it. The ice-cold pleasure often leads to stomach aches and cat complaints. But there is a smart alternative: homemade dog ice cream. You don’t need an ice cream machine for this, just a few tasty ingredients and a freezer compartment. In this, you can freeze the dog treat, preferably overnight.

Do-it-yourself Ice Cream for Dogs

When it comes to ice cream for dogs, carefree creativity is required: Mix together the ingredients that your four-legged friend likes and freeze them. Natural yogurt, cream cheese, quark, or cottage cheese are suitable as a base, which you then mix with liver sausage, pureed meat, or suitable fruit. Tip: If you don’t want to puree meat, you can look around for suitable baby food jars, because these are also unseasoned. Unlike ice for humans, dog ice should not contain sugar. Honey is allowed in small quantities.

Strict weighing and measuring are not necessary – what tastes good and does not harm your four-legged friend is allowed.

To get you started, we offer you four simple do-it-yourself recipes for dog ice cream:

Fresh Fish

Mix canned tuna without oil with cottage cheese for a brisk, summery fish treat. Do you fancy a more sophisticated variant? Then grate a quarter of the carrot. The whole thing goes into the freezer for around three hours. Use small empty yogurt cups, ice cube trays, or a suitable dog toy for this – more on this later.

Frozen Dogurt

Furry people with sweet teeth love Frozen Dogurt! To do this, mix a few teaspoons of yogurt with a spoon of honey. Now add delicious blueberries or chopped bananas to this mixture. If you want to treat your dog to something extra, stir in a spoonful of coconut flakes. Cool for three hours and voilà – the frozen dogurt is ready!

Liver Sausage Ice Cream

Most dogs love liver sausage. If yours is one of them, make him happy in summer with a delicious liver sausage ice cream! To do this, mix around 40 g liver sausage in 100 g cottage cheese. Add a few drops of honey and freeze the liver sausage ice cream for at least six hours.

Fruity Ice Cream for Dogs: Melon Ice Cream

Chopped watermelon in combination with water: This base results in a very figure-friendly, fruity summer ice cream for dogs. However, most four-legged friends prefer to use yogurt instead of water. Alternatively, cut out a flat piece of melon including the peel, and dig a small hollow in the middle with a spoon. Fill this with natural yoghurt. As a topping, there are other fruits such as blueberries or small pieces of peach. Overnight it goes into the freezer for this delicious feast for the eyes. The next day your four-legged friend can enjoy very special licking fun!

Tips: Feed Your Dog’s Ice Cream Properly

As with us humans, ice cream is a fine delicacy, but too much of it is not healthy.

Small and medium-sized dogs should only lick one ice-cube-sized portion a day. For stately four-legged friends, it should be a maximum of twice as much. If your four-legged friend has sensitive digestion, it is better not to make ice cream for him. Because the cold could irritate his stomach. To prolong the licking fun, you can put the ice cream mass in a suitable toy, for example, one made of natural rubber with a cavity, before freezing it. Many know these chew toys under the name “Kong”. Your four-legged friend has a lot to do with this and slowly absorbs the cold treat, which is easy on the stomach. Alternatively, you can fill such a toy with small mini treats in combination with meat or fish broth and freeze it if you want it to be particularly quick.

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